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Sopron , Hungary
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The city of Sopron Main square

There is the live broadcast perfectly demonstrates the Main or Central Square of the Hungarian city of Sopron. As seen in the webcam, the square is made in baroque style. In the center there is the Holy Trinity Column, built in 1680, which can be clearly seen in the online camera.

There are several architectural monuments surrounding the Main square area. The most popular of them are: “Gambrinus house”, ” Storno house” and ” General’s house.”


The city of Sopron, which Main square is perfectly visible in webcam, has a rich historical past. The historic center of Sopron online, mainly made in the Baroque style, is perfectly preserved. Also in the center there are houses of medieval construction still, for example, Gothic temples and towers. There are ancient ruins of the old Roman Empire era.

The “Goat Church” temple of 13th century is especially noteworthy. It is the main attraction that has been preserved since the Middle Ages. In addition to this temple, the 14th century Benedictine monastery was well preserved also. The Baroque era left its mark on the St. George church made in 17th -18th centuries.

The highest ancient building in Sopron with live broadcast is a fire tower of the 11th century, is 60 meters high. It is interesting that the tower’s foundation is remained from the time of the Roman Empire. The gate of the tower has an inscription in Latin: “Civitas Fidelissima” (“Most loyal citizens”). The gate is called the “Gate of Fidelity”.

One more interesting attraction of Sopron in the web camera, is the Old Synagogue, built in 1379.

Not far from Sopron, with live stream, there is the Fertё Hanshag National Park with the beautiful Lake Fertő from UNESCO list (the third largest lake in Central Europe).

There is the famous Esterházy castle“Hungarian Versailles” nearby the town of Sopron.

At a distance of several kilometers from the town of Sopron in live stream, there is the popular thermal resort of Balf.

In addition, Sopron online, is a famous wine region in Hungary.


The climate in Sopron in webcam, is moderately warm, subalpine. A lot of precipitation falls throughout the year. The average annual temperature is about 9.6 C.

Weather forecast in Sopron for 7 days is available on our website online.

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