Keszthely Main Square

Keszthely , Hungary
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Keszthely main square

The webcam in the center of Keszthely shows its main square with the town hall in 18th century building. Also in the live broadcast you can see the column of the Holy Trinity, erected in 1770. Such columns appeared in many cities of Europe and were called “plague pillars”.


Keszthely, where the live stream takes place from, is a small town in the western part of Lake Balaton. In addition to good beaches, it is famous for its authentic old streets and the Baroque palace of the Festetics family located in a beautiful park. Not far from the city in live camera there is the Lake Hévíz, surrounded by baths. Its healing water is enriched with mineral salts, and the bottom is lined with silt with a high content of radium.

The status of the city of Keszthely, shown in the web camera, acquired in the 15th century.

The most striking architectural and historical attraction of Keszthely in the online camera is considered the Festetics family palace one of the largest and most beautiful in Hungary. It was erected in 1745 in the likeness of the famous French baroque palaces. Numerous rooms of the luxurious palace are filled with paintings by famous masters and exquisite furniture. It houses a unique collection of Hungarian weapons from different historical eras, as well as a rich collection of books. Having examined the palace, it is easy to imagine the life of the Hungarian nobility of the 18-19th centuries. An English park is laid out around the castle – a real masterpiece of landscape design and a nature conservation area. Now in the palace of the Festetics family, international conferences and concerts of outstanding performers are held.

One of the religious attractions of Keszthely, where the live camera broadcasts from, is the Franciscan Church of the 14th century, located on the main street of the city. In 1880, a bell tower was added to the church.

Another interesting baroque structure that adorns the city online is the Pethe House, built on a Gothic foundation. In the courtyard of the building, there is a synagogue built in the 18th century.

Of course, the most important historical monument of Keszthely is the town hall in the central square, which you see in the online camera. As usual in Europe, the Town Hall is the most beautiful building in the city. Today it houses a cultural center.

At a short distance from Keszthely, where the webcam is located, stands the impregnable Castle of Sümeg, which played an outstanding role in the defense of the city. Since 1552, the citadel served as the seat of the bishop, and now it is undergoing interesting historical reconstructions.

The most popular museum in Keszthely online is the Karoi Goldmark Museum, a composer and violin virtuoso.

It is also worth visiting the Museum of Lake Balaton, whose collection includes not only exhibits dedicated to the flora and fauna of the lake and its shores, but also archaeological finds, household items of local residents, documents telling about the history of the region.

The Bacchus Wine Museum deserves attention, where you can learn about Hungarian wines and winemaking traditions in this country.

In the Museum-Confectionery “Marzipan” you can see a sweet exposition, the place of honor in which is occupied by a fabulously beautiful marzipan castle.

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