Lake Hévíz

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Lake Heviz

In the webcam, you can see the world famous thermal lake Haviz, located in the western part of Hungary. Many guests of the country dream of swimming in the medicinal waters of the reservoir in live broadcast, so this tourist destination is very developed.

Lake Heviz in the online camera contains a unique chemical composition and occupies a large area (more than 4 hectares). This is the steepest lake in Europe, known for its healing properties since the days of the Roman Empire. This place gained popularity as a balneological resort only in the 17th century, when the Hungarian count Festetics drained the nearby rugged swamps.

The Heviz Lake in the webcam appeared in an extinct volcanic crater, repeating the shape of its funnel up to 2 m deep, and a hot mineral water source is located in an underwater cave of natural origin, whose diameter is 18 m.

So, in the summer, the water temperature of the reservoir in live stream camera is + 32-35 C, and in winter it does not fall below +25 C. The lower air temperature drops, the more steam comes from the water. Such vapors are involved in creating a healthy microclimate, which is also influenced by the protected forests surrounding the lake in the online live camera.

Another feature of Lake Heviz, which you see online, is that it is completely renewed every day, ensuring crystal clearness. The bottom of Heviz in the web camera is covered with silt, which also has medicinal properties.

The hallmark of Lake Heviz in this live broadcast are lotuses (water lilies), which have an unusual color and shape. It is interesting that these flowers are depicted on the coat of arms of the city of Heviz.

Spa treatment at Lake Heviz

Vacationers on Lake Heviz in an online camera receive treatment thanks to the unique microclimate, thermal water and healing mud, which contains hormonal substances such as estrogens.

The waters of Heviz, where the online feed comes from, have a small dose of radioactivity, since they contain radon, sulfur and carbon dioxide, which are able to fight various diseases of the musculoskeletal system. So, with rheumatism, water and mud baths are prescribed.

Other diseases that are indications for balneological treatment: chronic inflammation, hormonal disorders, dermatitis and post-traumatic or postoperative rehabilitation.

In addition, Heviz water is allowed to be consumed inside. Especially with some diseases of the stomach. But in any case, you should consult your doctor.

An important fact: do not spend a long time in the waters of Lake Heviz in a webcam, as excessive stay in it can put a heavy load on the entire circulatory system, and especially on the heart.

If you want to spend your vacation and improve your health, then the Hungarian Lake Heviz in the online camera is an ideal place for this purpose.

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