Lake Balaton

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Lake Balaton

The webcam on Lake Balaton shows one of the most striking natural attractions in Hungary and the largest reservoir with freshwater, rich in thermal and mineral springs in Central Europe. The reservoir in a live broadcast is located 1.5 hours drive from the capital, the city of Budapest. On the banks of the Balaton in the online camera, there are several popular resorts.

Resorts of Balaton

The southern coast of Lake Balaton, where the live broadcast is carried out from, is noisy, crowded with people (resorts Siofok, Szantod, Fonyod), and the northern coast is quieter, abundant with excursion routes (resort of Balatonföldvar).

The main town on the northern coast of Lake Balaton is Keszthely. There are convenient beaches and many attractions, the most famous of which is the Festeich Palace.

The town of Badacsony, where this online camera is located, is famous for its magnificent vineyards and, of course, wines.

The Tihany archipelago attracts with its virgin landscapes and unique and wonderful world of animals and plants. Also on the territory of Tihany there is the famous ancient Tihany monastery of 1055.

The Balatonfüred resort has some of the best cardiological sanatoriums.

In the city of Tapolca, where there is also a live broadcast on the Baltic Live Cam website, there is a unique healing cave with a thermal lake.

Balaton beaches

The beach areas of the south and north of Lake Balaton in the online live camera are completely different. The north has a rocky bottom that goes down sharply.

Szigetfürdő in Keszthely has one of the prettiest beaches in the northern part of Lake Balaton in live stream. There are picturesque areas near the villages of Zánka, Tihany, Balatonfüred.

Wonderful opportunities for active recreation on the shore of the lake online are provided in the village of Gyenesdiás near Keszthely.

One of the most elegant beaches in the north of Balaton in the webcam is “Esterhazy”, located in Balatonfüred. It is covered with a manicured lawn, has a gently sloping sandy bottom and a swimming pool.

The Beach House in Keszthely is often the venue for rock concerts, foam parties and Miss Balaton beauty contests.

In the south of Lake Balaton, which you can see in this online web camera, the bottom of the reservoir is gentle, with a smooth entrance. The largest beach in this part of the lake in the live footage is located in Siofok.

The eastern side of Lake Balaton in a live camera is the most favorable for sunbathers. The beaches of the villages of Keneshe, Akarattya and Aliga are directed to the south that contributes to excellent sunbathing.

Around Lake Balaton, shown in a live broadcast, there are natural and architectural attractions: Tapolca caves, Kish-Balaton and Pribalatonsky national reserves, the picturesque Tihany peninsula, Feshteich palace, Battyani castle, Sumeg fortress, medieval ruins in Szigliget and the Franciscan church in Keszthely.

Among the important sights of Balatonfüred are the picturesque harbor with a gorgeous view of the lake in the online camera and the well-groomed Rabindranath Tagore promenade. And the most interesting building in Siofok is the water tower on Freedom Square.

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