Main Square

Szentendre , Hungary
stream provided by ipcamlive with Szentendre Municipality
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The main square of the town of Szentendre

Szentendre webcam shows the main square of this Hungarian city. In the center of the parade ground in the online camera there is a plague column with a cross, next to it there is the Annunciation Church.


The name of the beautiful city of Szentendre, where the online broadcast is conducted from, literally translates from Hungarian as “Saint Andrew”. Being the most important place in Hungary for artists, poets and musicians, Szentendre concentrated many architectural monuments on its territory. The well-preserved historic mansions and the large number of galleries are especially popular. Also, the bright tourist attractions of the city in the online camera are Catholic churches and Orthodox temples.

Szentendre in this live camera, is located 20 km from the capital of Hungary, Budapest, which is a convenient destination for a day trip. Visitors to the city online will appreciate the incredible Marzipan Museum and the small Wine Museum. Nature lovers will be delighted with the bend of the Danube River, and art fans will be happy to visit mono-museums, where paintings by Hungarian artists are exhibited.

The history of Szentendre, the main square of which you see in the web camera, dates back to the times of Ancient Rome. In the 1st century, on the territory of the modern city, where the live stream is conducted from, there was a military fortress Ulziziya-Kastra. In the 14th century, Greeks and Serbs who fled from the Turks were added to the population of the city. At the end of the 17th century, after the Serbo-Turkish conflict, Emperor Leopold I gave permission to Serb refugees to settle beyond the Danube. Many of the newcomers were wealthy merchants, which led to the prosperity of the city online. At the beginning of the 20th century, artists, musicians and other representatives of creative professions began to settle in Szentendre. Museums and galleries started to open.

Arriving in Szentendre in this live broadcast, it is better to start the tour from the architectural monuments. So, walking to the city center, shown in the web camera, you can see seven churches: one Catholic and six Orthodox, built by Serbs. A special place among the religious monuments of Szentendre in the live feed is occupied by the Belgrade Cathedral with a magnificent iconostasis of the Serbian Rococo. Of interest are the Annunciation Church with old icons and Rococo windows, the Church of the Archangel Michael with the iconostasis of the Moldovan school and the Catholic Church of John the Baptist.

The most popular museum in Szentendre where this live camera is located is the aforementioned unique Marzipan Museum. Among the exhibits made from this sweet, the museum contains a model of the Hungarian Parliament and a copy of the royal crown, as well as marzipan portraits of famous Hungarians, images of cartoon characters, household items, including furniture and interiors. The highlight of the collection is a full-length sculpture of Michael Jackson, created on the occasion of the first and only concert of the King of Pop in Hungary.

At a short distance from Szentendre in this webcam, there is an open-air ethnographic museum “Skanzen Village”. There are copies of different types of dwellings from all over the country.

You can learn more about the work of Hungarian painters in the museums of artists – Lajos Wajda, Karolн Ferenczi, Janos Kmetti, Bela Zobel, Jeno Barcsay, Anna Margit.

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