Vltava River

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Vltava river

The Vltava, you see in the webcam, is the longest river in the Czech Republic with a length of 433 kilometers. The reservoir in live broadcast is the largest tributary of the Elbe River in the country. The sources of the river in the online camera are located in Šumava under the Black Mountain, and it flows into the Elbe near the town of Melnik.

The main source of the Vltava in the webcam, is called the Black Stream, and the spring is located on the southeastern slope of the Black Mountain at an altitude of 1,172 meters above sea level.

Peat bogs are located upstream of the Vltava River, which you see in the webcam. On its way, the river shown online has an obstacle – a dam in Lipno. All slopes along the Vltava River are covered with abundant vegetation. The river is in live stream, flows Vyšší Brod, from where it enters the pool of the city of Ceske Budejovice, which can also be viewed in the webcam on the Baltic Live Cam website. The waterway in the online camera flows through the capital of the Czech Republic, the city of Prague.

Pleasure boats run along the Vltava, where the live broadcast is conducted from. There are popular touristic attractions along the river. One of the most striking places is the Vyšehrad Castle, which flaunts on the right bank of the Vltava.

The Vltava in this webcam ends its journey in the town of Melnik and flows into one of the largest rivers in Europe – the Elbe. For locals, this is not just a river, but an important part of the country. Since ancient times, it had to play a significant role in the life of Czechs.

On both banks of the river in the online footage, there are ancient castles, cities and other bright sights of the Czech Republic.

The Vltava, you see online, also crosses the capital of the state – Prague. There are 18 bridges thrown across the river, 5 of which are located in the historical center of the city: Charles Bridge, Jirásek Bridge, Legia Bridge, Mánes Bridge, Chekhov Bridge.

On the Vltava in an online camera, many locks have been built. Thus, 12 locks were built at a 50-kilometer distance from Prague to Melnik Castle. The Laba or Elbe go here, where the Vltava flows. There are also many gateways in Prague itself.

In great request tourist routes is rafting on the Vltava in the web camera. The most popular of them is the path from Vyšší Brod to Boršov, which is about 70 km long. The entire route takes 4 days. Those who want to leisurely admire nature, visit castles and look into a tavern will need more time. Rafting on the Vltava, which is shown by an online camera, can be done by canoe or raft.

The route is popular due to the fact that on its way there are a large number of the most important and interesting historical and architectural monuments, as well as natural beauties. On the bank along the Vltava, which you can see in real time, there are small restaurants where you can have a bite to eat and then set off on the river again.

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