Port of Akranes

Akranes , Iceland
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Port of Akranes

The live broadcast perfectly demonstrates the port of the city of Akranes in Iceland. As you can see well in the webcam, boats and yachts are standing at the pier. Sometimes also moor the larger ships too.


The city of Akranes, where the online broadcast is conducted, is located in the west of Iceland in the Faxa Bay. The distance between the capital of Iceland, the city of Reykjavik and Akranes is very small, they are separated by a long “Whale Fjord”Hvalfjörður with the highest waterfall in Iceland – Glymur waterfall.

The key attraction of Akranes in the live camera, is the Museum Center. There are 4 museums: the Ethnographic Museum, the Sport Museum, the Stone Museum and the Iceland Geodetic Survey Museum.

So, the Ethnographic Museum of Arkanes you see in webcam, is located at the open air. There are: sheds, boats of past centuries, and the main treasure – ketch Sigurfari (two-masted sailing craft whose mainmast is taller than the mizzen mast). There are also many exhibits of the past years in the museum: old cars, agricultural tools, household items, archaeological finds.

In the Stone Museum of Arkanes in online camera, you can get acquainted with geological discoveries. All kinds of rocks, fossils, minerals, precious and semi-precious stones are stored here. This is real palace of minerals. Also there is a collection dedicated to the tunnel construction under the Hvalfjörður fjord.

In the Iceland Geodetic Survey of Arkanes in the live footage, it is interesting to see unique copies of Middle Ages maps with unusual drawings of monsters, according to legend, inhabiting the waters of Iceland in the past. Also in this museum there are modern satellite maps.

The Sport Museum offers to get acquainted with the history of the sports development and learn more about famous athletes.

The city of Akranes, whose port you see in the online camera, carefully preserves the most diverse architectural styles of Iceland, starting from the 19th century. So, here you can meet a wood house made in 1875 and the first concrete house in 1882. The most beautiful building in the city is the church of 1942.

At some distance from Akranes, which pier you see in the webcam, among the hills and hot springs there is the small Reykholt village. In the 13th century, there was the famous Icelandic poet and author of the “Younger Edda” Snorri Sturluson farm. Currently in this town there is a memory monument of this public figure.

Akranes online, is rich in natural attractions. For example, there is a unique golden sand Langisandur beach. Usually beaches in Iceland have black sand.

In the beautiful Garðalundur Park grow rare tall pines.

On the bank of Akranes, whose harbor is perfectly visible in  live broadcast, it is possible to climb the oldest lighthouse built in 1918 and enjoy from the observation platform the beautiful view of Akranes Akrafjall Mountain, Whale Fjord and Reykjavik.



Akranes you see in web camera, is located in the south of the island, so the climate here is subarctic, marine. The average summer temperature is +9 ° C, very rarely it can rise to +15 ° C. Mostly this happens in July and August. Winter is quite mild, comfortable. On average in the winter in Akranes is about -4 C, but sometimes there is a warming up to the positive indicators. January is traditionally the most cold period with temperatures as low as -8 C. Precipitation in Akranes is a rare phenomenon.

Weather forecast in Akranes for 7 days is available on our website online.

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