Miðbakki port (Old port)

Reykjavík , Iceland
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Miðbakki port (Old Harbor of Reykjavik)

There is the live stream camera to the famous Old Harbor of the capital of Iceland, the city of Reykjavik, more precisely its terminal – Miðbakki port. The old harbor, which you see in the online camera, was original and unique for many years, performing the functions of an important sailing and fishing harbor of Iceland. But now, Midbakki harbor has acquired a slightly different format. Now the Old Port of Reykjavík you see in live broadcast, is a recreation area with a variety of restaurants, cafes and a large selection of boating offers.

The old Reykjavík terminal – Miðbakki, which webcam perfectly demonstrates online, is known mainly due to its offer for recreation, as mentioned earlier, but also this is the place of touristic cruise ships arrival. Also, there is a tourist center, currency exchange offices and telephone. Inside the harbor there are transfers to other maritime terminals in the Old Harbor online: Sundabakki, Korngardur and Skarfabakki.

Miðbakki, the port in online webcam, is located next to the Harpa Hall. It is also nice to stroll along the promenade with beautiful sculptures along the Shore Bay coast (Sculpture and Shore Walk).

Not far from the Old Reykjavik port in live camera there is the Reykjavik Art Museum. Do not pass by the large Kolaportið covered flea market where you can find used items and traditional Icelandic dishes.

The old port of Reykjavik, which you can see well in the webcam, is located about 5 km from the center of Reykjavik. Not far from the Miðbakki harbor in our webcam there is an old picturesque pier with traditional boathouses, turned into souvenir shops.



The city of Reykjavik with one of the terminals – the Old Harbor of Miðbakki online, is the capital of Iceland and the main center in every sense of the word. The capital is surrounded from three sides by the sea, and on the fourth side there is Mount Esja.

Reykjavik, whose port is perfectly visible online, offers an exceptionally wide selection of museums, galleries, theaters, cinemas, parks, gardens with sculptures. Besides, in the very center of the city there is Tjörnin Lake, which also has online webcam.

Iceland and its capital Reykjavik with the live camera, offers everyone to enjoy the unique charm of each season: summer brings 24 hours of daylight and winter reveals the beautiful northern lights (aurora borealis).

Reykjavik in the live stream,  is a possibilities paradise, offering an impressive collection of interesting sights and places of historical significance. We recommend to visit: the Harpa Concert and Conference Center, Solfar Sun Voyager, Viðey, Reykjavík City Hall, Hallgrímskirkja and Perlan.

In addition, it is worth visiting the Thingvellir national park of Iceland, where American and Eurasian tectonic plates break at a speed of several centimeters per year.

Another unusual attraction is Geysir, the famous hot springs geothermal area. Be sure to visit one of the most beautiful and powerful waterfalls in Iceland – Gullfoss.

Don’t forget to explore the Blue Lagoon – geothermal resort located on a lava field in southwest Iceland with the webcam. This Lagoon is filled with naturally-heated geothermal water and is rich in minerals that can be applied to the skin. The landscape around the Blue Lagoon is stunning.

And finally, watch the whales in their natural habitat.

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