Tjörnin lake

Reykjavík , Iceland
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Lake Tjörnin

Lake Tjörnin in live broadcast is located in the heart of Iceland’s capital city of Reykjavik. The lake, demonstrated in the live camera, is the most popular in Iceland, in spite of very small size. Tjörnin online, is surrounding with the important sights of the city: museums, churches, University, city hall. All roads from the city lead to this lake. Representatives of the fauna – different species of birds used to live in these places you see in live broadcast. Ducks, swans, geese live here – look at web camera! Birds attract tourists and local residents, especially children. On weekends the place is especially crowded: people feed the birds with bread bought in the bakery nearby.

There is cold in Reykjavik in winter time and the lake Tjornin in the online webcam, is covered with ice. Taking care of the birds, special services of the city defrost part of the lake, using geothermal sources.

Lake Tjörnin with online webcam is the cleanest lake in the world. In winter, the lake turns into a skating rink, which brings great joy to fans to play hockey or skate.


The Icelandic city of Reykjavik, where web camera is located, is the most northern capital. Approximately in the 9th century the Vikings settled here. The city has is very clean air, there is no industrial production at all. Even heating in the building is provided by hot thermal springs. The historic center of the city is between the port and the lake Tjörnin, which is clearly visible in live broadcast. The Icelandic parliament is located in the center of the Eysturvetyayur square. The building is decorated with symbols depicted on the arms of the country: a dragon, an eagle, a bull and a giant with a club. They are patrons of Iceland.

The main attraction of Reykjavik in livecam, is the church of Halgrimskirya, in a very original architectural form and with the organ in the Art Nouveau style. At the entrance to the temple there is a Vikings monument dedicated to America discoverers.

An interesting place is the National Museum with samples of culture, telling about the history of Iceland: objects of Viking household, tools, as well as paintings by Icelandic artists.

The main street of Reykjavik online, is Bankastrasti street. There are many restaurants, cafes, shops, fashion boutiques here. Open-air swimming pools are open in the capital. The water temperature is up to + 27 ° C here.


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In Reykjavik, where there is live stream comes from, there is temperate marine climate. In winter temperatures rarely fall below -10 ° C. Thaws are frequent. The average winter here is about 0 C. Summer is cool, on average about + 9 … + 14 ° C.

Weather forecast in Reykjavik for 7 days is available on our website online.