View to the ancient abbey Tihany

Tihany , Hungary
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Tihany Abbey

Our live stream camera is located in a small town in the region of Balaton – Tihany. Beautiful panoramic view of the eastern basin of Lake Balaton and the ancient Tihany Abbey. It is very picturesque during all the year.

Tihany Abbey, which you see on our web camera online, was built in 1754. In ancient times there was an ancient Hungarian earth fortress. In the 11th century, the King of Hungary András erected here the Abbey of the Blessed Virgin and St. Anájas. The ruler was buried here later. It is interesting that the document of the abbey creation is one of the oldest monuments of the Hungarian script.

In the early 18th century, the building was destroyed: the Habsburg emperor decided to wipe out all Hungarian fortresses from the face of the earth. In 1735 a new church was erected, but a year later it was destroyed by a fire. As a result, from the original building of the monastery there was only a crypt (covered underground passage, cache).

The abbey, clearly visible on our webcam, was built a year after the fire. The interior decoration of the building made by famous artists, and the carved altars are the work of art from the 18th century Hungarian wooden sculpture. Sebastian Stuhlhof, the master of those times, worked here for 25 years for free!



The reserve – Tihany peninsula, which coast is visible on our camera online, located in the north of Lake Balaton. Tihany has a name “the pearl of Lake Balaton”. It is a resort of lakes, quiet and cozy place.

Tihany appeared due to the activity of volcanoes was an island for a long time. Nowadays Tihany is a peninsula with beautiful nature, unusual rare animals and flora. Therefore, the region is considered to be a protected area.

Tihany is famous for its thermal mineral springs, formed due to the volcanic activity of the region. There are many hills with geysers on the peninsula. The most picturesque is the Aranyhaz (Golden House) with the  golden lichen slopes.

In Tihany there are 2 lakes – Outer and Inner, surrounded by cones of extinct geysers. The variety of birds is amazing: storks, herons, wild geese, ducks and other birds.

The most beautiful time is the beginning of the first summer month – June, when lavender blooms.

From Tihany it is easy to get to the city-resort of Siófok, where also we have our live stream camera to the main square of the city.



Summer in Balaton is long – from mid-May to late September and sunny enough. The average summer water temperature in the lake is + 21-22 C, sometimes up to +29 C. In winter the weather is mild, although the lake freezes almost always.

The climate of Hungary is moderately continental. Winter in the region is cold, and summer is warm. Almost without wind. In summer, the average temperature in Budapest’s capital is about 22 C, and in winter -1 C. Despite this, snow can lie from 30 to 40 days, and the Danube River often freezes for a long time. Spring and autumn in Hungary are quite long and warm.

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