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Welcome to ISKCON Temple (Radha Parthasarathi Mandir Temple) streamed online from New Delhi, India. This live webcam will take you inside the Hindu temple so that you can admire not only the architecture, but also witness the holidays in honor of the Hindu deities – God Krishna and Radha!

The live broadcast of the Radha Parthasarathi Temple is a large religious complex resembling a fairytale palace. It is located on the Hare Krishnu hill and belongs to one of the largest religious organizations in India – the International Society for Krishna Consciousness.

The construction of the temple in this webcam was started under the direction of the architect Achyut Kanvinde and took place in 1993. On April 5, 1998, the sanctuary was inaugurated. The religious building was consecrated in honor of Krishna and Radha.

The architectural style of Radha Parthasarathi, which interior is perfectly visible in the live PTZ camera, is more related to modernism. The main decoration of the temple online, is its three towers. The four-sided brown and white designs are topped with exquisite gilded spiers. The entrance to the sanctuary is lined with steps surrounded by a massive colonnade.

As can be clearly seen on the webcam, the interior of the ISKCON Temple is rather modest. The floors are covered with colorful patterned carpets. There are three altars in the room: Sri Sri Radha Parthasarathi, Shri Shri Gaura Nitai and Sri Sita Rama Lakshman Hanuman, named after the revered saints. All altars in the live footage, are decorated with sculptures, stained glass windows and paintings.

On the territory of the Radha Parthasarathi temple with the hall online, there is a picturesque fountain with the goddess Radha colored sculpture. Also nearby there is a small garden with spreading trees, neat shrubs and bright flower beds.

An important shrine, broadcasted live in this webcam, is visited by up to 700,000 people on major religious holidays.

New Delhi

New Delhi, home to the ISKCON temple in live mode, is the capital of India, including the Old Delhi area. Delhi itself is one of the most colorful and rich in attractions cities in the world.

Delhi where the webcam comes from, is a very green city. There are many gardens, parks, small natural areas. Especially popular are the Mughal Gardens in the Presidential Palace, as well as the Roshanara and Shalimar Gardens.

Among the striking architectural monuments of Delhi where there is the live camera, deserve attention: one of the tallest minarets in the world – the Qutb Minar Minaret (“The Seventh Wonder of Hindustan”), the Yogmaya Temple (sister of the god Krishna), as well as the QuwwatulIslam mosque.

Such an interesting attraction as the 17th century Lāl Qil (Red Fort) is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

The most mysterious monument in India is the Delhi Iron Pillar. It is a pure iron pillar erected almost 2000 years ago.

Anything your heart desires can be purchased at Chandni Chowk Street Bazaar.

Digambar Jainpr, the largest temple of the Jain religion, also stands here. The Sikh Sis Ganj temple is located on the same street.

One of the world’s largest mosques, the Jama Masjid (Friday Mosque), is also located in Delhi with the online camera. It preserves the hair from the beard of the Prophet Muhammad, his shoe, the “imprint” of his foot in the stone and one of the chapters of the Koran, the author of which, according to legend, is the prophet himself.

One of the brightest buildings in Delhi, which temple interior you see in a live stream, is the light pink Humayun’s tomb.

The burial place of the Muslim saint Sufi saint Khwaja Nizamuddin Auliya – Nizamuddin Dargah attracts tourists.

In the village of Kalkaji, in the vicinity of Delhi online, there is the famous temple (18 century) of the goddess Kali.

Of the natural attractions, the Lodi Gardens stand out. There are tombs of the sultans from the Lodi dynasty, ruled in the 15th – 16th centuries. Of particular interest is the grave of Sikandar Shah Lodi.


In Delhi, where the online feed comes from, prevails a semi-arid climate with a significant difference between winter and summer temperatures. Summer is long: from early April to October. Winter comes in November and lasts until January. The average annual temperature is +25 ° C.

Weather forecast in Delhi for 7 days is available on our website online.

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