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Ålesund , Norway
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Port of Alesund

This live webcam shows the port of Alesund, located in the Møre og Romsdal county in Norway. There are beautiful Art Nouveau buildings near the port of Alesund, which you see online. The port that is visible in the live broadcast is just 5 minutes’ walk from the center of the city of Alesund.


The city of Alesund online, is very the original city port in western Norway and one of the few “Ar Nouveau” style remaining cities in the world. This particular feature of the city of Ålesund attracts tourists from all over the world. Alesund, which panorama you see in this webcam, has amazing architecture with towers, spiers and medieval decorations.

The best observation deck is located on the top of Mount Aksla with the views to the islands and Sunnmøre Alps. It is better to start climbing to a mountain from the park with the monument of legendary Rollo (Legendary Fearless Sea-King and founder of the Duchy of Normandy).

Alesund, which is perfectly visible in the webcam online, is located on 7 small islands between the cities of Bergen and Trondheim. Besides the tourism, an important industry of the city is fishing.

If you want to have fun, take a look at the Atlantic salt water aquarium (Atlanterbavsparken), one of the largest in all of Scandinavia. There are penguins, stingrays, mackerel, herring and other marine inhabitants.

Alesund in the live broadcast, has the most beautiful city in Norway status, and there is no doubt: just look at the webcam and see for yourself!

The location of Alesund in web camera, made the city famous: the way to the city of Geiranger Fjord, listed as a UNESCO World Heritage, goes through the Alseund.

You can take the tram through Ålesund city online, from Dronning Sonjas Plass Square, dpassing the most beautiful buildings in the Art Nouveau style and along the Borgund Fjord, and then climb up to the before mentioned Aksla observation platform.

Take a look at the Ålesund Museum with an interesting exposition telling about the amazing history of the city.

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The climate in Ålesund, where this live stream comes from, is marine. Winter is windy and mild. The coldest month is January, when the temperature drops to an average of 1.3 ° C. The best time to travel to Ålesund is summer. During this period, the air temperature does not rise above + 20 ° C, the average temperature is about +13 .. + 16 ° C. Weather forecast in Alesund for 7 days is available on our website online.