Panoramic view of Kristiansund

Kristiansund , Norway
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A panoramic view of the port city of Kristiansund in this webcam, located by the Norwegian Sea, on an island in the county of Møre og Romsdal, allows you to enjoy a beautiful view of one of the original Norwegian settlements.

The neighboring islands of Kristiansund online, are mainly inhabited by fishermen. There is a ferry service between them, while others are connected by bridges.

On the island of Norlandet there is a 205-meter Kvernberget Mountain, which name means “Mill Mountain”, and the airport. Kirklelandet Island is the “Church Land”. Also there is the Varden observation tower, overlooking the city of Kristiansund in the online camera and its surroundings. The island of Innlandet is considered the “Inner Land”. Frei Island is the largest of all the islands in the region. There is the highest point of Kristiansund – Freikollen Mountain.

The Atlantic Road runs along the coast in this region – one of the most scenic highways in the world with a large number of bridges. The road, opened in the 80s, connects Kristiansund in this live stream with the city of Molde. The uniqueness of the Atlantic Road is the Storseisundet Bridge (“The Drunken Bridge”), named for its winding shape.

The leading pastime in Kristiansund shown in this live webcam is fishing. Also popular are diving, mountain hikes, excursions to waterfalls, cycling and, most interestingly, watching killer whales.

The famous and oldest fishing village in the area is Hoholmen, located on an island near the Atlantic Road.

Of the museums in Hoholmen the Kristiansund Museum (Viking Museum) stands out. The Nordmøre museum in Kristiansund, shown in the webcam, will introduce you to the history of the city.

Research shows that the city shown online, first was inhabited approximately 8,000 years ago. In the 17th century, the Dutch came here. They traded wood and dried cod, which was sent to the Mediterranean countries. In 1742 Kristiansund got a city status. In the 19th century, the Spaniards came here.

During the bombing of Kristiansund in April 1940, the city was badly damaged. After its restoration, modern buildings such as the town hall and church appeared.

The present Kristiansund, perfectly shown on the webcast, is an actively developing coastal city, which port is visited by various ships.

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