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Live broadcast in the city of Lillestrøm is conducted from the town hall of Skedsmo, located in the municipality of the same name in Norway, the administrative center of which is Lillestrøm in this webcam. City online is located 18 km from Oslo. Lillestrøm in the web camera is named after the river flowing nearby. The name of the city also translates as “little farm”

The river was of great importance for the development of the city in the live camera, since initially timber was flown through this place for the production of building materials. Later, on the territory of the future city online, a river sawmill was built, around which the district, and then the city, laid its foundation. Due to the swampy terrain, the area was initially considered uninhabitable, but workers began to settle around the sawmill anyway. Thus, Lillestrøm was laid down in real time.


Norway, where the online broadcast comes from, is a state in the north of Europe, washed by the Norwegian, North, Barents Seas and the Atlantic Ocean. Those who want to enjoy the harsh northern landscapes and magnificent architecture, see the breathtaking fjords and escape from everyday worries come here.

The territory of Norway, where the webcam is located, is 386,958 sq. km. Almost 30% is covered by forests, and 50% of the land by giant mountain ranges. Many rivers and lakes flow through Norway. There are also amazing corners of the country – stunning wildlife reserves, untouched by man. Norway in the online camera is known to the whole world for its fjords – the legacy of the past glacier. The nature of the country impresses tourists with steep cliffs, majestic waterfalls and clear water at the foot of the rocks.

Both large cities and miniature settlements of Norway have a special charm. Some, such as Bergen and Ålesund, are proud of their unique architecture, others of historical monuments and museums, and others of a favorable atmosphere, excellent restaurants and hospitable citizens.


In Lillestrøm, shown online, the summer is quite comfortable, sometimes cloudy, and the winter is long, frosty, and snowy. Throughout the year, temperatures typically range from -8 C to 21 C and are rarely below -19 C or above 26 C.

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