Skedsmo rotušės bokštas

Lillestromas , Norvegija
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Thie webcam shows Skedsmo, a municipality in Norway, the administrative center of which is the town of Lillestrøm.

The history of Lillestrøm you see in live camera, dates back to the times of active use of river powered sawmills, for which Lillestrøm was famous. Later on, steam powered sawmills were added, which was a crucial step in the industrial development of the area, which later became the town. Before that, the area was thought of as being almost inhabitable, as it was covered in moss and swamps. However, because of that, the property values were close to zero in the area, ans the sawmill workers started settling in the area around the sawmill. Thus, Lillestrøm in the web camera was born.