Low Tatras

Liptovsky Mikulas , Slovakia
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Liptovsky Mikulas

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Low Tatras

Live webcam demonstrates one of the most popular ski resorts in Slovakia – Low Tatras. The mountain range in the live broadcast belongs to the Carpathians, is located south of the famous High Tatras and is separated from them by the Vah River.

The Low Tatras that you see in the web camera are a significant place for fans of winter outdoor activities from all over the world (alpine skiing and snowboarding). This complex is the second most popular ski resort in Slovakia.

The resort shown in the live camera differs from the High Tatras in that there are no large mountain slopes, only 3 of them are 2000 meters. This disadvantage is more than compensated by the excellent infrastructure, beautiful nature, diverse flora and fauna of these places. In addition, the Low Tatras in the online camera are always rich in large snow cover. The highest peaks of the Low Tatras are Ďumbie (2043 m) and Chopok (2024 m).

Low Tarts online are also popular in summer. So, in the region where the live broadcast comes from, in July, the largest folklore festival in Slovakia is held in the city of Detva, the unofficial folklore capital of Slovakia, where you can get acquainted with the traditions and national characteristics of the country. The duration of the event is always different: from a week to three or four days.

In summer, guests have the opportunity to relax in the water park or thermal pools, visit cultural and natural attractions.

The Low Tatras, which is perfectly demonstrated by the webcam, is one of the ecologically clean corners of Europe. Almost the entire territory of the Low Tartes is a national park.

The main resorts of the Low Tatras

The most popular winter resorts in the Low Tatras region are Ružomberok, Jasna and Donovaly.

Jasna, which is also streamed online on the Baltic Live Cam website, is considered the best ski center in Eastern Europe. The Donovaly resort is not so famous yet. Ružomberok is the best resort with quite affordable prices and good service. In general, the Low Tatras can be recommended to active skiers.

Entertainment and attractions of the Low Tatras

In addition to excellent ski holidays in the Low Tatras shown online, in the region you can go on an excursion to the Demänovská cave, the “ghost” Bojnice castle and the medieval town Spiš. There is a great opportunity to use the thermal pool.


The climate in the Low Tatras in this webcam is continental. The foothills are characterized by slightly lower temperatures. The average temperature in January in the Low Tatras is -6 C, in July – about 15.8 C. The average annual temperature at the highest altitudes is about 0 C. Weather forecast in the Low Tatras for 7 days is available on our website online.

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