Hyeres , Frankreich
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The Porquerolles Island on live stream camera is the largest one of three “Golden Islands”. It is part of the Hyeres Islands located on the southern coast of France. Here is the purest, almost virgin nature and clear blue water of the Mediterranean Sea. Ideal place for walking and beach relaxing. Porquerolles is rich with sandy beaches and pine groves.

There is a small village since 1820 with the population of only about 300 people on the island with web camera. Despite its small size, there are hotels, cafes and restaurants in the village. The center of this area online, is considered the old church of St. Anne. Very close to the beautiful bay, and a little further on the hill lay the remains of a 16th-century fortress with a windmill.

Almost all territory of the Island in live camera is occupied with the Port- Cros National Park. The main features of Porquerolles in web camera, can rightly be considered 3 wineries making popular Provence wines. Besides the vineyards, pine, eucalyptus, olive and various fruit trees here is lemons, oranges, and mandarins are also growing.

Especially beautiful and fragrant the Island is in spring time, when flowering shrubs of myrtle and heather fills the scent of Porquerolles you see in live footage, turning it into one gorgeously fragrant bouquet.
The purity of nature is strictly monitored on the island. It is prohibited to use the car and smoke. Bicycle is the most popular way to move for the locals and tourists here – is the best way to enjoy the beauty of the surroundings of the island online.

To reach Porquerolles showed in live camera, it is possible by ferry or a special water taxi only. The south of the island is rocky. And the best beaches are located in the north part. From one point to another it is very easy to get to, because of the size of Porquerolles – is 3×7 kilometers only.

Baltic Live Cam has a picturesque web camera to the port of Saint-Pierre, like Porquerolles belonging to the region of Hyères.


The climate on the island of Porquerolles online, is very favorable and mild. The sun shines almost daily all the year. Winter is mild and warm, and summer a little hot, but is not stuffy thanks to the cool sea breeze.

The weather forecast in Porquerolles for 7 days is available on our website online.