Sagrada Familia

Barcelona , Spanien
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Sagrada Familia

In live broadcast, there is a unique construction, the Spanish city of Barcelona symbol – Sagrada Familia cathedral online, the creation of the great architect Antonio Gaudi.

The famous cathedral, which is perfectly visible in the webcam, has been built for over 100 years, and it grows and changes. This is a unique occasion in world history, when a long-lived object has earned worldwide fame and entered the UNESCO heritage list.

The famous Gaudi has been working with his creation for 43 years. Creating the Sagrada Familia temple you see in live camera, he sought to carry out his plan – to make it a modern reading of the New Testament.

In 1954, the Gaudi followers continued to build the Sagrada Familia in the web camera. So, the facade of the Passion was erected here. Now there is a museum, dedicated to the history of the temple and its construction. From 1977 to the beginning of the 21st century, there were built four towers, the facade and the interior were decorated. In 2000, began the construction work with the facade of Glory.

The Sagrada Familia, which is well demonstrated by webcam online, is still being built. It is planned to complete the work by 2030.

Every year, the Sagrada Familia showed in live footage, is stormed by millions of tourists from around the world, capturing this masterpiece, surrounded by construction cranes, in numerous photos.


Beautiful Barcelona with the web camera, is ​​one of the most beautiful cities in Europe and the whole world, has concentrated furious energy, magnificent architecture, fun parties, active car traffic, delicious sangria. There are most famous sights concentrated here.

Barcelona, ​​where webcam is located, has 10 administrative districts. The most important sights are in three of them: the Old Town (Gothic Quarter), Eixample (New Town), Montjuic.

The very center of Barcelona online, is Plaza Catalunya with the main pedestrian street of the city, La Rambla, running towards the sea. Many famous monuments of architecture and art are located near La Rambla Street: Columbus Monument, Barcelona Exhibition Center, National Palace, Marset Palace.

It is worth to visit the unusual Gracia district with the local bohemians representatives and artists.

Barcelona is not only a paradise for architecture admirers, it is also an excellent beach holiday with good infrastructure. Beaches occupy 4 km and have 4 zones. The most famous zone is Barceloneta, located in the city center.

The second beach area is called Icaria. The third is Marbella. The fourth beach is the most distant – Sitges.

The best sights of Barcelona in the online camera, are the Gothic Quarter, the Cathedral (Cathedral of the Holy Cross and Saint Eulalia), La Rambla, the monument of Christopher Columbus, the Oceanarium, the Spanish Village, and the creations of Antonio Gaudi: Park Güell, the house of Batllo (Casa Batlló) and Sagrada Familia, which you see in webcam online.

In the borders of Barcelona you see in live broadcast, there are also located: the Palace of Real Mayor, Santa Agata chapel , the Historical Museum. There is a Gothic fountain and the Basilica of Saints Justus and Pastor. Very interesting is the palace of Centelles, el Call jewish quarter, museums and theaters of the city.

The most visited and most famous museum of Barcelona, where the live stream comes from, is the Picasso Museum.

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Barcelona online, has a Mediterranean climate. Winter is warm, dry, and summer is hot and humid. In January, the average temperature is within +10 ° C. In July – about +25 ° C. It rains mostly in October. Weather forecast in Barcelona for 7 days is available on our website online.