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Koalas San Diego Zoo

Here you are a curious live stream to the open-air cage of the “Koalafornia” zone with cute koalas from the famous San Diego Zoo online. It is very interesting to watch life of koalas! These cute wild animals, which you can see well in a webcam, live in nature only on one continent – Australia. Koalas belong to the group of pouched mammals known as marsupials.

As you can see in the online webcam, the koala looks very cute: small body, covered with gray fur, big head, small eyes, large fluffy ears, and very short tail. The koala weighs about 7-12 kg. Moreover, males are traditionally larger and heavier than females. Koala moves slowly and it is clearly visible in the online mode, she does not have a reason to hurry.

The favorite delicacy of koalas that you see in the live webcam is the leaves of eucalyptus trees.

Koalas sleep a lot (mostly in the day), so often in live stream, you can catch koalas during this time.

Koalas, which you see in web camera, live about 10 years.

Interestingly, koalas online are polygamous. The mating season begins in spring and ends in the beginning of summer. In Australia, this period falls on September – January. The pregnancy time of koalas is 35 days. Koala females bring one babbie, very rarely two. After the birth, a tiny koala baby moves into her mother’s bag and lives in it for about 6 months. An independent life of koala-teen starts at 11 months old.

The cute little animals – koalas, which you can watch in the online webcam, do not have natural enemies. The main danger for these wild animals is deforestation of their habitats.

San Diego Zoo

San Diego Zoo with the live stream to the koalas’ life place, is the most popular zoo in the United States. It was founded by the organization of San Diego Zoo Global. More than 650 species of wild animals live there, and their total number is almost 4,000. This zoological garden feature is that there are no cages at all, and all wild animals are kept in the maximum natural environment. That you can see in the webcam online from the open-cage with funny koalas.

Excursions are often held at the San Diego Zoo in this webcam. The territory of the zoological park is divided by animal habitats. So, in excellent conditions live both representatives from the Arctic animal world as also from African forests. Birds in that Zoo are free to fly.

The most interesting areas of San Diego Zoo,where the live stream comes from are: Monkey Trails, Panda Track, Polar Bears Pool, Ituri Forest, Elephant Odyssey, Gorilla Tropics, Absolutly Apes, Bonobo Chimpanzee Zone, Forest Malayan bears, Tiger river, snow leopards zone and Koalafurnia zone with pretty koalas, perfectly demonstrated in web camera online. Also there are wombats, wallabies, kookabarras and rare Tasmanian devils.

Throughout its history, San Diego Zoo, where online stream is conducted, has won many awards, including prizes from the American and International Zoos and Aquariums Associations.

The highlight of the San Diego Zoo with the webcam, is the “Skyfari” lift in the form of a gondola, rising up guests to observe and admire the territory of the zoological park from a height.

In 2011, San Diego, that you see online, entered into the top-4 Zoos of the United States, home to pandas.

Besides a big variety of mammals and birds, San Diego Zoo, demonstrated in live camera, has a large rare plant species collection as also the arboretum.

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