Siófok Main square

Siófok , Hungría
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Siofok – Main square


The online camera is located on the Main Square of the city Siofok, it is also called Liberty Square, which is one of the most important tourist destinations in Hungary and the region of Balaton. The symbol of the city and the tallest building Water Tower has been rising here for more than 100 years. Look at the web camera and watch it! The tower is equipped with two panoramic elevators that lead to a viewing platform with a beautiful view not only to Lake Balaton, but also to an updated large area. There is also a cafe, as well as a research center.




The resort-city Siofok, where is our web camera online, located along Lake Balaton. This is one of the largest and most popular resorts in Balaton. The name of the city is came from the small river Shio, flowing here. The city center is a Millennium Park with a size of 16,000 sq. m. A popular place for walk, people especially like to rest near the fountain «The Birth of Venus.» Tourists prefer to visit the port of Siofok. The city embankment begins here. Nearby there is another park with a bronze mermaid monument, also there is a «Rose Garden» filled with rose bushes and various flower beds with beautiful flowers. In the Oulu Park is a curious modern Lutheran church, completely wooden construction. The entrance of church is decorated with wooden bird wings.

The coast of Siofok lies 16 km with sandy beaches. Close to them are hotels, sanatoria, cottages, campsites. In the summer season it is crowded. The city has the glory of an entertainment resort: restaurants, bars and discos are everywhere.


Surroundings of Lake Balaton


From Siófok, it’s easy to move to the Tihany peninsula, where there is also our web camera online. These reserve place have its own lake Belso-To, unrelated to Balaton. West of Balaton is another reserve – Kis-Balaton (Maly Balaton) with swampy terrain. Tourists come here to swim by boat and take photos with local feathered residents, which are very many in these parts.


In the region where there are mineral and thermal springs, are built health centers – Heviz and Zalakaros. The source in Heviz is a geyser forming a natural pool with a 38 degree water temperature. Similar sources exist in Iceland only.


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The climate of Hungary is moderately continental. Winter in the region is cold, and summer is warm. Almost no wind. In summer, the average temperature in Budapest’s capital is about 22 C, and -1 C in winter. Despite this, snow can remain from 30 to 40 days. The Danube River often freezes for a long time. Spring and autumn in Hungary are quite long and warm.


Weather forecast in Hungary for 7 days is available on our website online.