Lenin Square

Apatity , Rusia

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Lenin Square

In this webcam discover the center of the city of Apatity and its central Lenin Square, a popular place for walk and relax. During the Christmas time and New Year holidays, there is the high Christmas tree located on the square in a live broadcast.


In 1936, the city of Apatity appeared on the site of the railway workers settlement. Currently, the town shown in this online camera is the scientific capital of the Arctic and one of the most important and key cities of the Kola Peninsula. Outside the Arctic Circle, there are only 4 cities larger than Apatity: Tromso (Norway), Norilsk, Severomorsk and Murmansk, where there is also a live stream on the Baltic Live Cam website.

The proximity of the Khibiny Mountain Range and fairly mild natural conditions attract fans of active winter recreation to Apatity online.

Apatity, where this webcam is located, is the closest city from St. Petersburg, where you can watch the northern lights from late August to May, or from January to February.

The main street Apatity with the webcam, is a Zhemchuzhnaya Street (Pearl Street). The street got its interesting name due to the fact that mussels and pearls were mined in the rivers on its territory.

At a distance of 30 km from Apatity, which Lenin’s Square is shown online, there is Lapland Biosphere Reserve, the largest natural park in the European part of Russia. There are many reindeers living here in a wild live conditions. Also you can find here elks, brown bears, wolverines, martens and wolves. Hunting, fishing and picking berries in the park is strictly prohibited.

Apatity, where the live stream camera is conducted from, is a young city, so you will not find real historical sights here. But it is very interesting to visit the Museum of Geology and Mineralogy of I.V. Bel’kov with more than 9000 specimens of minerals, ores and rocks from the bowels of the Murmansk region.

In Apatity, the center of which you see in the webcam online, tourists are offered such unique entertainment as snowmobile safaris or dog sledding.


Apatity online, is located in the northern Atlantic-Arctic region of the temperate climate. The weather of the city is influenced by the Khibiny Mountains and Lake Imandra. Winter is long, from November to March. The average January temperature is −13 to −15 C. Snow in Apatity lasts about 250 days. Summer is cool. The average July temperature is from +13 to +14 C. The polar night in Apatity begins on December 15 and ends on December 28. The polar day lasts from May 20 to July 27. Weather forecast in Apatity for 7 days is available on our website online.

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