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Hirtshals Port 1


Hirtshals port is in one of the main job creation sites in Hirtshals, Denmark. HD Webcam Hirtshals shows the port in all its functionality. The port mainly serves three industries: fisheries, transport of goods from Norway, North Atlantic and Europe and ferrying passengers from Denmark to Norway. The town of Hirtshals on the seaport coast of Skagerrak in Northern Denmark developed around the Hirtshals port. The activity on its piers can be viewed via cameras online.

Development of the port

The port of Hirtshals has a long history. It was first mentioned as a possible project in 1532, although the idea was rejected because of the nature of the coastline. In 1804, there was a small and poor community in Hirtshals and the idea to build a port there was again considered. The Danish government again rejected the idea as they were not interested in investing in such a large engineering project. Finally, in 1917 the port was planned and built by Jørgen Fibiger. Throughout its development it became one of the largest fisheries in Denmark. The building of the fish auction house in 1930 where fish were and are still auctioned off to restaurants, retailers and processing companies across Europe set Port Hirtshals on its way to become Denmark’s leading fishing port. Through the 1960’s up until the 1980’s the fishery industry boomed at Hirtshals port.

The port’s role in Denmark’s economy

Denmark also aims to have Hirtshals Port become a Scandinavian turntable for cargo transport and a significant player in the Danish sector for services to offshore and maritime industries. There is no doubt that this critical port contributes significantly to Denmark’s economy. This port that is manned 24 hours per day, much like the Hirtshals live cam, transports cargo such as food, clothes and raw materials for industry. Much of the maritime traffic carrying goods to different ports in Europe are served by the Hirtshals Port.

Facts about the port

As can be seen on the live web camera, this coastal breakwater port is quite small. It can accommodate ships and ferries of up to 500 feet in length. The port measures sea and wind conditions regularly. Wave heights at the port vary between 2 and 2.5 meters. The prevailing wind is South to South-West and blows at a maximum speed of 10 meters per second in winter.

The port’s connection to inland Denmark

The Hirtshals port is connected to Denmark’s railway station via the Hjørring-Hirtshals line. This allows the transport of goods and passengers to extend from the port into inland Denmark. The port is also connected to the Llinheden and Emmersbæk.

The Hirtshals online camera service is connected to the Baltic Live Cam with cam online footage of many cities around the globe. There are many other port scenes that can be viewed from the privacy of your own home such as the Klapeida port and the Nida yacht club in in Lithuania. Other Scandinavian countries that can be views by camera online are Sweden and Norway.