Port of Klaipeda – View from Amberton Klaipeda Hotel

Klaipeda (Memel) , Lithuania
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Klaipeda (Memel)

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Port of Klaipeda

Web camera of Klaipeda shows Lithuania’s third largest city is a collection of architectural monuments, charming atmosphere, and an impressive history. The city was established more than 2000 years ago and has been a strategic location due to its geographic condition. It’s one of the largest non-freezing ports in the Baltic States. The HD webcam Klaipeda view of the Klaipeda port shows many ships that move through the canal.


Klaipeda in the live stream, was established in the 1250’s by Teutonic Knights as a strategic location from which to destroy pagan Baltic tribes. It was named Memelburg at first. The first part of the city’s history had a strong German influence which can still be seen today on the Klaipeda live cameras. Klaipeda was renamed in the 1600’s by the Lithuanian population living outside of the city. During the Napoleonic War, Klaipeda served as Prussia’s capital, having been part of the Prussian region since the 1500’s.

After WWI, the non-German parts of Lithuania were annexed to other countries such as Poland and Denmark. Even though Klaipeda in the online footage, was largely German, it was positioned in a majority Lithuanian region and was detached from the German state. In the 1920’s and the surrounding territory received autonomous under the protectorate of the League of Nations. Despite the fact that it was sworn to be given to Lithuania, the new republic had to take the region by force and clash with Poland, France, and the UK. Upon joining the independent Lithuania where the live broadcast is coming from, the city has been under martial law for some time.

With the rise of Nazism in Germany in the 1930’s, this ideology was popular among the German population in Klaipeda online, leading to acts of terror. In fact, the first anti-Nazi trial took place in Klaipeda. Germany annexed the region in 1939 but was overrun by Soviet armies in the later parts of WW2. With most of the citizens evacuated from the city, the Russians repopulated the city in the late 1940’s, while Lithuanians from other parts of the country came to live in Klaipeda showed in live camera, in the 1950’s. Since then the population grew rapidly. Unfortunately, many houses in the Old Town were destroyed during this period, leaving Klaipeda lacking in original character.

After Lithuania’s independence, Klaipeda’s economy grew quickly and the first free economic zone in the country was established here and the port that is visible on the Klaipeda live cam above played an important role in the growth of trade routes and the economy.

Klaipeda today

A city with such history has a remarkable cultural significance, which can be seen from the city’s architecture. From the medieval and baroque buildings in the cozy Old Town to modern skyscraper hotels, including the K-shaped Amberton hotel, where this live web camera is installed. The architecture in the Old Town is also captured with the Klaipeda web camera online, looking over the lovely Theatre Square and the Annie of Tharau fountain. Klaipeda online, is one of those cities that have to be seen to be fully understood. Its uniqueness attracts a huge amount of tourists, mostly from Germany, at any time of the year.

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