Capri , Itaalia
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A picturesque live broadcast shows the coast of the beautiful city of Anacapri, located on the highlands of the Italian island of Capri. Anacapri in the webcam, is the second city after the capital of the island – the city of Capri. Anacapri, showed in live camera, has preserved its original appearance: amazing alleys, white houses, fascinating views from viewing platforms, beaches, rocky coasts.

Besides the beautiful coastal zone, beaches and cozy bays, Anacapri in  online webcam is rich in sights. One of the most important and popular objects is the church of San Michele. Very interesting is the bright building of La Casa Rossa, made is different architectural styles. Inside the unusual structure there is the exhibition “Painted city”. In addition to the exhibition, there are Blue Grotto monuments. It is believed, they have been preserved since the time of the emperor Tiberius. Close to Casa Rossa there the church of San Michele of the 17-18th centuries.

The main temple of the city of Anacapri, which panorama is perfectly demonstrated by live webcam, is the Santa Sofia church, built in the 16th century.

It is very interesting to visit the ancient quarter of Anacapri, where there is live broadcast comses from – Piazza Boffe. There are amazing buildings with vaulted cellars. Every year, June 13, the streets of the city of Anacapri and the beautiful Piazza Boffe are flooded with a procession dedicated to the patron of Anacapri in the webcam – St. Antonia.


The island of Capri, where there is online stream comes from, is a famous resort, popular since the times of Ancient Rome. The name of the island coincides with the name of the capital – Capri. It is a beautiful city with old houses and churches.

Capri is a port city, the most important ports are Marina Grande and Marina Piccola.

Reefs Faraglioni – a tourist attraction of the island of Capri, very popular among tourists. These are three rocks of unusual shape peeping out of the sea. Each reef has its own name. So the first reef, a height of 109 meters, is called “Faraglioni Stella” (or Faraglione di Terra). The second reef (82 meters) – “Faraglione di Mezzo“, gained fame due to its transition under the ground (a natural giant arch under the vaults where you can swim by boat). The third reef (104 meters) – “Faraglione di Fuori” is known for its inhabitants – an unusual and rare species of lizards (blue lizard).

The island of Capri in online webcam is rich in grottoes. The most famous of them is the Blue Grotto (Grotta Azzurra), with the natural blue light shining.

There are no wide sandy beaches on Capri, demonstrated online. Despite this, you can perfectly relax on pebble beaches, such as Marina Piccola. You may take sunbathing among an unusually beautiful nature and swim in the clear blue sea in any of the many bays of the beautiful island of Capri. One of these wonderful bays is perfectly visible in web camera.

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The climate of Capri online, is Mediterranean. The summer holiday season is very favorable, because there is almost no rain. In the off-season: autumn and spring on the island is also very comfortable.
The average air temperature in the period from April to September varies between +20 … + 29 C. Weather forecast on the island of Capri for 7 days is available on our website online.