Shibuya scramble crossing

Tokyo , Jaapan
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Shibuya Crossing

The webcam broadcasts a view of the Shibuya intersection, located in the eponymous district of Tokyo. The busiest and most recognizable street in the city, which you see in an online camera, is a striking landmark of the capital of Japan.

Shibuya, shown in the online broadcast, is a real movie star. He has appeared countless times in films, shops and blogs. During rush hours, in just 2 minutes, between 1000 and 2500 people cross the intersection online.

The moment when crowds of pedestrians in an online live camera move simultaneously in different directions turns into perfectly synchronized chaos.

The live streaming area of ​​Shibuya is one of the main fashion centers and an important nightlife spot in Tokyo.

The online Shibuya Crossing got its name from Shibuya Station, opened in 1885. The webcam crossroad acquired its modern look in 1932 with the opening of the Tokyu Toyoko line. More than 2.4 million passengers pass here every day here.

The roadway – perfectly visible in the Shibuya webcam, is located at the Hachiko exit from Shibuya station. An unofficial and very touching symbol of this place sits here – the world famous dog Hachiko immortalized in bronze. The sculpture of a dog is the epitome of loyalty and perseverance, two of the main positive qualities of Japanese culture. Everyone knows the tragic and very touching story of Hachiko, who was waiting for his deceased owner at the station for 10 years.

Now the monument to the faithful dog is the most popular meeting place: people stand next to Hachiko and look at the exit from the station, waiting for loved ones, friends or relatives.

The best view of the Shibuya intersection in this online camera is obtained from a height. This makes it easier to track traffic at the crossing of roads. Viewpoints can be found from the shopping malls and cafes towering over the station.

As previously mentioned, Shibuya in the web camera has served as a filming location for numerous TV series and films, both Japanese and foreign. The reason for the crossroads’ fame lies in the neon buildings, as well as the mix of cultures and trends that also characterize New York’s famous Times Square.

Near Shibuya in an online camera you can see a large number of shops with a wide range of goods, restaurants and cafes with excellent food.

Tourists frequently visit the Shibuya 109 fashionmonger’s retreat and stroll through the Center Gai district with hundreds of world-famous brand stores. For those looking for evening entertainment, the Dogenzaka Street has some of the best nightclubs, restaurants and bars in Tokyo.



The main part of the Tokyo metropolitan area, where the live stream comes from, is influenced by the subtropical oceanic climate. Summer in the city is hot and humid, while winter is mild and cool. The warmest month is August with an average temperature of 26.4C and the coldest month is January, when the average is close to 5.2C. Weather forecast in Tokyo for 7 days is available on our website online.

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