Lødingen , Norra
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Lødingen in the webcam is a municipality in the Norwegian county of Nordland. It is located on the southeast corner of the island of Hinnøya and is part of the traditional district of Ofoten.

Lødingen, which you see online, is nicknamed “Bicycle City” because several cycling races are held here every year, including “Lofoten Insomnia” and Vestbygd-rittet.

The picturesque city in the live stream covers an area of 527 square kilometers, it is the 202nd among 356 municipalities in Norway.

Lødingen in the webcam was founded on January 1, 1838. On January 1, 1869, the southern region of Lødingen, surrounding Tysfjorden on the mainland, was split off to form the new municipality of Tysfjord.

During the 1960s, many municipal mergers took place throughout Norway, where the online broadcast originates from: on January 1, 1962, the southern mainland of Lødingen, surrounding Efjorden and the island of Baroya, was transferred to the municipality of Ballangen. Then, on January 1, 1964, the eastern part of Lødingen on the island of Tjeldøya passed to the municipality of Tjeldsund.


Origin of the city’s name

The Lødingen municipality in the live webcam is named after the old Lødingen farm (Old Norse: Lǫðueng), since the first city church was built here.



Live streaming Norway is a country of fjords with excellent ski resorts and polar exotics, delicious and hearty cuisine, interesting museums and an excellent excursion program.

Norway’s capital, Oslo, combines the best characteristics of a metropolis with shopping malls, restaurants and countryside with amazing countryside, beaches and ski slopes. The city has many cultural attractions and museums with galleries.

One of the most popular tourist cities in Norway, where the webcam is located, is Bergen. Here is the famous embankment of the medieval quarter of Bryggen, art galleries and other attractions. Bergen is home to various festivals, and most fjord excursions start from here.

Trondheim is a city of universities and technology. The most interesting areas are Sulsiden and Bakklande with numerous cozy cafes, antique shops and boutiques of Norwegian designers. The main sightseeing gem is the Baroque Stifsgården, the largest wooden palace in Scandinavia. An interesting educational center is Stavanger with institutes and laboratories. Also here are the longest beaches in the country, picturesque fjords and historical monuments of the Viking Age.

The town of Flåm is rich in incredibly beautiful nature. It is located in the valley of the same name. On the territory of majestic glaciers there is an open-air museum. There are fascinating hiking and railway routes along the branches of the Sognefjord, the second largest in the world.

The surroundings of Flåm are an excellent backdrop for the famous Viking festivals that take place in the valley.

Narvik is located beyond the Arctic Circle. It is especially attractive for extreme athletes.

Ålesund is an Art Deco city and is also called the “Gateway to the Arctic”.

Tromsø is filled with amazing landscapes and northern lights. For lovers of skiing, there are the resorts of Hemsedal, Hafjell, Kvitfjell, Trysil, Holmenkollen and Geilo.

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