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Vest-Agder , Norra
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Lindesnes Lighthouse

Lindesnes Lighthouse in webcam, known as the first lighthouse in Norway. It was originally lit on February 27, 1656. And after 69 years, it took an important position in the navigation of the sea routes passing between the rocky coasts of the continental part of Norway and the sandy coast of Denmark.

At first, the light of the Lindesnes lighthouse in this online camera consisted of 30 candles on top of a three-story tower. This method proved ineffective and the beacon online stopped working after the first few weeks of use.

Much later, in 1725, the lighthouse in the online live camera was opened again. In 1822, it was rebuilt as a torch and received the famous lens, which concentrated and directed the light of burning coals. The stone tower of the lighthouse in the web camera has been replaced with a cast iron one. The last improvement took place in 1920, when the lighthouse was equipped with an anti-fog siren and a diaphone.

The Lindesnes lighthouse, which the webcam is aimed at, is located on the extreme southern point of continental Norway and is the oldest surviving lighthouse in the country. The location and history of the lighthouse is of great interest to tourists and has over 100,000 visitors every year.

Located among the fog and stormy waters of the North and Baltic Seas in the southern part of the Scandinavian Peninsula, the operating Lindesnes lighthouse in the online camera has been preventing the death of ships for 300 years. It was the unfavorable weather conditions that served as the decisive factor in the appearance of this small in height (slightly more than 16 m), but the most important strategic object.

In the recent past, a lighthouse keeper was constantly working at the Lindesnes lighthouse in a live broadcast, watching the navigation system, but since 2003, the lighthouse switched to automatic mode.

Lindesnes Lighthouse, shown in the webcam, has been reconstructed several times. It received its modern look in the period from 1915 to 1920. It was during this period that the fog system mentioned above was installed.

Currently, the Lindesnes lighthouse in this online camera is the main attraction of the southern Norwegian province of Vest-Agder.

The tower has been opened to the public since 1992. Inside the historic site, there is a national museum dedicated to lighthouses and maritime navigation, opened in 2004.

In addition to the bright Lindesnes lighthouse in the live camera, travelers who have reached the southernmost point of Norway are attracted by magnificent landscapes, rich fishing spots, luxurious beaches, the most famous of which is Sjøsanden Beach, almost a kilometer long. Also, many old wooden buildings have been preserved in the region, among them the largest church in Norway, Heddal Church, built in the 17th century, as well as the impregnable Fredriksten fortress, which has undergone many sieges by Swedish troops in the past, located on two mountain ranges.

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