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A webcam overlooking Fribourg shows a miniature Swiss town that miraculously combines medieval monuments and modern areas, a calm and measured way of life and fun weekends.

Perhaps the richest quarter of Fribourg in the live camera in terms of attractions is quarter with beautiful temples, the famous town hall, and old mansions of aristocrats.

Of great interest to the guests of the city in the online camera is the central square, located near the ancient castle. Each end of the square has its own name: Nova-Friburgo, Place de l’Hotel de Ville, Place des Ormeaux, Place de Tilleul and Place de Notre-Dame.

The main architectural monument of Fribourg in the online broadcast is the majestic Cathedral of St. Nicholas (1283-1490), towering in the northwestern part of the medieval city. The giant tower of the cathedral is visible from any part of Fribourg in the webcam. The interior of the temple is decorated with carvings of the 15th century and wonderful stained glass windows by Mehoffer and Manesier. Also in the cathedral is an organ, 19th century.

Notre Dame Basilica is also quite remarkable. Directly opposite there is the fountain “Samson tears the mouth of a lion.”

The Franciscan church is the only thing left of the ancient 13th century monastery. Inside there is an old altar, a crucifix from the end of the 15th century and Gothic choirs – the oldest in Switzerland, where there is a live broadcast from.

A striking example of late Gothic is the town hall building, erected in the period from 1501 to 1522. The colorful fountain of St. George, built in 1525, is very interesting.

The magnificent bridges of Fribourg deserve attention, the most famous of which are the suspension Zaehringen and the wooden Bern bridge.

The fortification system of the city in web camera has been preserved in excellent condition to this day. It was considered to be one of the most advanced in all of Switzerland. The length of the ramparts reaches almost 2 km. 14 towers and some sections of the walls have been preserved.

Places worth remembering include Poya Castle, Tour Rouge Fortress, the fortified Augustinian monastery and the imposing Church of St. Michael.

In Fribourg, shown in the webcam, there are many interesting museums. For example, the Museum of Natural History, established in 1837. Other interesting museums: Guttenberg Museum, Jean Tinguely Museum of Mechanical Sculptures, Treasure Chamber in St. Nicholas Cathedral, Museum of Puppets and Sewing Machines, Museum of the Cardinal Brewery.

Fribourg in live camera, is located in the western part of Switzerland and is the capital of the canton of the same name. At a distance of 28 km to the east lies the capital of the country – Bern, and to the picturesque Lake Neuchâtel – 25 km to the west. A little further, 40 km, lies the mirror-like expanse of the stunning Geneva Lake Leman. And less than 10 km away, the spurs of the Fribourg Alps originate.


In Fribourg, broadcasted online, in the summer it is quite warm, comfortable and humid. Winter is cold and snowy. During the year, the air temperature varies from -3 C to 24 C and rarely drops below -8 C or rises above 29 C.

Weather forecast in Fribourg for 7 days is available on our website online.

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