Rhaetian Railway

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Rhaetian Railway

There is multifunctional live stream of the longest alpine mountain railway – the Rhätische Bahn. A well-known tourist attraction and one of the most scenic roads in the world is narrow gauge rail network of Switzerland.

The construction of the Rhaetian Railway, shown on the webcam, took place from 1988 to 1913. The length of the railway line shown by the live camera is 384 km. In part, it runs through Italy to the commune of Tirano. Track width is 1 m.

The lines of the Rhaetian railway, which fall into the lens of the web camera, connect Italy and Switzerland. They are laid in the Albula and Bernina mountain ranges. In 2008, they were added to the UNESCO World Heritage List.

The two lines mentioned above were modernized, but have preserved to this day almost in their original form. On the way, they pass through 55 tunnels and 196 viaducts.

The Rhaetian Railway, which the online camera is directed to, is still functioning. The Bernina Red Train (trenino rosso del Bernina) running along it is a vibrant tourist attraction with beautiful landscapes, amazing valleys and snow-capped peaks. These lines made Italy, Engadina and Cantone dei Grigioni accessible for international tourism. Thanks to them, winter sports have developed.

Besides the interesting journey along the Rhaetian railway in this webcam, you can get acquainted with history and archeology in the vicinity. For example, visit the archaeological parks with cave paintings in Valcamonica will be useful. There is an opportunity to get acquainted with prehistoric finds in the town of Sonico.

Most of the region where located the Rhaetian Railway is in this live broadcast, travelers are attracted by the well-equipped ski resorts of Valtellina. Some of them are famous in the world: Livigno, which is also broadcasted online on the Baltic Live Cam website, Bormio, Santa Caterina Valfurva, Madesimo, Chiesa Valmalenco, Aprica and Valgerola. The ski slopes stretch for 400 km.

At present, the Rhaetian Railway in online footage is one of the main visiting cards of Switzerland, a journey along which is a full-fledged excursion among the remote and picturesque corners of the Alps. The unique route of the Rhaetian Railway, streamed live, offers tourists amazing landscapes and experiences.

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