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Live webcam shows the famous Etna – the highest active stratovolcano in Europe. It is located on the east coast of Sicily, near the cities of Messina and Catania.

Listed by UNESCO, Etna, shown on webcam, is often erupted, but its activity is usually not dangerous.

Mount Etna, which you see online, is one of the main attractions of the Italian island of Sicily.

600 thousand years ago, in the place where Etna that you see in live stream is now adorned, there was a sea bay. The eruptions that began at its bottom gave impetus to the emergence of a volcanic cone. Thus, Etna online, came into being as a result of a natural process.

Of course, living next to an active volcano shown in an online live camera is risky, but there are also positive aspects of such a close proximity. The volcano erupts substances that have a beneficial effect on the soil on the slopes of the mountain and at its foot, making it fertile. Etna, demonstrated in live footage has a unique vine that produces black grapes. It is from it that the famous wine is made, which can be tasted in the restaurants of Sicily.

All the eruptions of Etna in this webcam are not a simple natural phenomenon, but a real show that attracts journalists and tourists.

Even in a sleeping state, Etna online attracts travelers. The area surrounding the mountain is a unique natural biosphere reserve.

You can climb to the central crater of vilcano, shoved in live camera as part of a tourist group, as well as on your own, but is quite risky. The difficulty is that on the slopes of Etna there are from 400 to 600 side craters, the activity of which is impossible to predict.

There are three routes for climbing Etna in the online web camera.

– Eastern route that starts from the village of Zafferana and goes to Rifugio Sapienza.
– The northern route passes through the small towns of Piedimonte Etneo and Linguaglossa and goes to the base of Piano Provenzana. It leads along a picturesque slope with mountain flowers.
– The route along the southern slope of Etna online will meet with frozen lava and picturesque landscapes. The Southern route includes a regular shuttle bus from Catania to the Rifugio Sapienza base, located at an altitude of 1900 meters. This is followed by a ride on the funicular to the La Montagnola base (2500 meters) and the transition on foot or by ATV. It should be mentioned that the southern route of Etna in webcam is the most popular among tourists and is usually very crowded.

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