The Grand Canal

Venēcija , Itālija
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The Grand Canal Venice

This webcam in Venice gives a view of the show-stopping beauty of the Grand Canal in Venice, Italy. The Grand Canal online, is the central artery of Venice. It’s the main highway of the city – a refreshing change from the motorways that we are used to. On one end of the Grand Canal you see in live camera, lies the lagoon and on the other end of the reversed S-curved canal lies the San Marco Basilica. The Grand Canal showed in web camera, is about 3 km long. On the webcam footage, one can watch the gondolas floating idly pass several piers and speedboats. The cam online is also perfect for gazing on the steady flow of pedestrians walking along the banks of the Grand Canal.

As seen on live camera here, the banks of the Grand Canal are lined with buildings dating from the 13th to 18th centuries. Venetian noblemen spent large sums to show off their wealth in the form of palazzos. The palazzos lining the Grand Canal in can be seen on cam online. Some of the most important palazzos are the Palazzi Barbaro, Ca’ Rezzonico, Ca’d’Oro which dates back to 1428 and, the Palazzo Venier dei Leoni which now houses the Peggy Guggenheim Collection. There are also several churches alongside the canal which include the basilica of Santa Maria della Salute. Here, the camera online shows many of the palaces rising from the Canal instead of from the street, so the only way to tour all the palaces is by boat. This web camera online is the ideal way to look out for the details that make Venice Venice. Watch out for people leaning out of windows or workers fixing some water damage.

Along the banks of the Grand Canal in this online camera, you can see Fondaco Houses here on live web camera online. A Fondaco House is a traditional building that served as both a warehouse and a merchant’s residence. They are built in such a way that boats could easily load and unload cargo while still being ornate to show off the wealth of the merchant.

As seen on this online web camera footage, most of the city’s traffic goes along the Canal instead of across it. Until the 19th century, only the Rialto Bridge crossed the Canal. There are three more bridges crossing the Canal today namely the Ponte degli Scalzi, the Ponte dell’Accademia and, the Ponte della Constituzione which was designed by Santiago Calatrava. The best way to cross the canal, however, is still by gondola or by ferry.

Regata Storica

Be sure to watch the camera online footage of the Grand Canal on the first Sunday of September. On this day Venetian boats compete, and thousands of people gather on the banks or on floating stands. The competition replaced a historical procession in honor of the entrance of the Queen of Cyprus, Catherine Cornaro after abdication in 1489.

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