North Pole live train

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North Pole live train

In this webcam, located on the NSB Di4 Norwegian State Railways (NSB) locomotive cruising the North Pole, you can take a virtual trip through the beautiful landscapes of winter Norway.  Online in front of you there is a beautiful Norwegian railway on the Nordland line from Trondheim to Bodø.


Despite the fact that Trondheim, where the train, showed in the live stream departs, is a small city, it is the third largest in Norway. On its terrotory in the web camera, there are many of the most visited attractions in the province of Trøndelag. For example, the Nidaros Cathedral, a national Norwegian shrine, built on the site of the tomb of Saint Olaf. 

The most popular museums in Trondheim, which gets in the lens of a webcam: Museum of Decorative Arts, Trondheim Art Museum, Archbishop’s Residence and Rockheim – National Museum of Popular Music.

There are several ways to get to Trondheim in this live broadcast: by taking the world’s northernmost tram, it is convenient to get to the Bumark district, where the famous recreation area is located. Here you can take a walk or jog in the beautiful surroundings. On the territory of Bumark there are trails leading to observation platforms, as well as to places of recreation in nature and forest houses with opportunities for relaxation and a good lunch.

Trondheim, well shown in the online live feed, is located only 500 km from the Arctic Circle, but the climate here is temperate maritime, warm and mild enough. The reason for this is the proximity of the Gulf Stream. Summer in the city is + 16 … + 19 ° С, and in winter it is not lower than –12 ° С.


The city of the final stop of the real-time locomotive, Bodø, is located on a peninsula occupying the northern coast of Norway. Guests of the city in the live camera, will find a lot of entertainment: kayaking under the midnight sun, tour of the archipelago with speedboat or fishing in the area of ​​the strongest tidal current on the planet, Saltstraumen.

You can visit the well-preserved trading post (settlement) of Kjerringøy in Norway, where the live broadcast comes from. It was the inspiration place for the writer Knut Hamsun to create many novels. In Kjerringøy it is pleasant to enjoy a leisurely stroll and admire the beautiful beaches and carved mountain peaks.

Showed online Bodø, is an actively growing city in Norway with a rich cultural life. Fans of the fine arts will be interested in meeting artists, glassblowers, potters and jewelers.

Every year in August there are two major music festivals in Bodø  with the webcam: “Parkenfestivalen” and “Nordland Musikkfestuke”.

Organization “Lonely Planet” singled out Bodø in particular, highlighting its important natural attraction – the jagged mountains. The Børvasstindan mountain range offers excellent conditions for mountain tourism and mountaineering, while the Bodømarka forest area in this live cam, attracts skiers in winter and hikers in summer.

The Bodø area in the live camera is home to the world’s largest population of white-tailed eagle.

The town of Bodø is a transport hub for Nordland County, where the live stream comes from. It is convenient to get here by plane, train or ferry. The best way to start your journey around Bodø is the Kystriksveien coastal route, which is a scenic road along the Nordland coastline to Trondheim. Be sure to visit the Lofoten Islands in the Westfjord.

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