Loch Ness lake

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Loch Ness lake

Loch Ness in the webcam is a large freshwater lake located 37 km west of the city of Inverness in Scotland. The reservoir in the live broadcast appeared in the Great Glen geological fault and is part of the Caledonian Canal, which connects the eastern and western sea coasts of the country. Most of the lakes in this part of Scotland are of glacial origin and Loch Ness in the online camera is no exception. The water in the lake shown online is quite muddy, with a specific shade due to the high content of peat in the bottom soil.

Loch Ness in the web camera is the second largest lake in Scotland, and the largest in terms of water volume. Views of the mountains and the ruins of Urquhart Castle make the pond in its own way picturesque in the online broadcast.

Loch Ness in the online live camera is perhaps the most popular natural attraction in Scotland due to the mystical monster, following to legend, living in its waters. According to eyewitnesses, the monster, i.e. the “Loch Ness monster”, has a body more than 6 meters long, a three-meter neck with a small head, three humps and a skin color that varies from light gray to dark brown. Despite its formidable appearance, the Beast received the affectionate nickname Nessie and became an object of interest for researchers. In addition to professionals, ordinary curious tourists tend to the lake in a webcam hoping to see a monster or at least its head.

The popularity of Loch Ness in the online camera has stimulated the active development of tourism infrastructure near the reservoir. So, on the shores of the lake in a live stream, numerous parking lots for cars are equipped.

In the east of the lake in the web camera, there are many paths leading to the water itself, but there is no big road here, as a result, there is no large number of travelers.

You can also get to Loch Ness in an online broadcast by bus, you can also take a boat trip on a yacht.

According to statistics, about 2 million people every year come to Loch Ness in a live cam hoping to see Nessie with their own eyes. Over 300,000 tourists visit the official Loch Ness Monster Museum located in the village of Drumnadrochit, which features an exhibition that tells the history of the exploration of the lake, as well as ancient Scottish legends about monsters and dragons. Also, for guests in the village there is an information center, several cafes and, of course, a shop with interesting themed souvenirs.

In addition to the enchanting Loch Ness in the online camera, in this corner of Scotland you can visit the old dilapidated Urquhart castle, whose surviving buildings date back to the 14th century. This is one of the largest and most famous fortresses in the country, which passed from one clan to another several times and was abandoned in the 17th century.

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