Tartu , Estonia

The second city in Estonia by population and one of the oldest cities in the Baltic States (founded in 1030), which is mostly known for the University of Tartu, is duly considered to be a cultural and intellectual center of the state. The city has a lot of museum, monuments and architectural marvels. Apart from the university, the memorable sites are the ruins of a magnificent medieval cathedral, scientific center in the building of the former observatory and a popular scientific and entertainment center AHHAA, which attracts masses of tourists from the neighboring countries.

Another two sites can be seen from the camera that is located at the Tartu Town Hall Square: the Town Hall itself and a marvelous fountain: “Kissing Students” that perfectly fits into the scientific atmosphere of the town. The square itself is a place of a cozy atmosphere throughout the year, especially in summer, when the restaurants and cafes install terraces and hundreds of tourists come to visit this adorable town.

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Thanks to all of these specialties, Tartu is truly one of the most notable cultural, historical and intellectual centers of Estonia.