Freedom Square

Tallinn , Estonia
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Freedom Square

In our new live broadcast there is one of the main squares of the city of Tallinn – Freedom square (Vabaduse väljak), a real symbol of the national and civil pride of the state.

The Freedom Square, which you see in the online camera, got its current look in 2009.

In the distant past, Freedom Square, where our webcam is located, served as a convenient entrance to Tallinn. Nearby there were central gates through which the movement was carried out. Today you can see the elements of the old Mayer staircase related to the Harju tower, standing on this site in the Middle Ages. It leads to the Kiek in de Kök tower. There are also some modern elements here: Palace Hotel, City Hall, Russian Theater, Art House.

Until 1910 the square that our webcam shows, was called Petrovskaya in honor of the Russian Emperor Peter Great. During the celebration of the 200 year victory in the Northern War, a monument to the tsar was erected on the square, visible in a live camera. In 1922, the monument was dismantled.

In 1949, the square online, was called “Victory Square”, and in 1989, it returned its former name and became known as Freedom Square.

Currently, Freedom Square, where there is the online stream, is the center of the modern capital of Estonia. Here it’s easy to relax, take a walk, sit in a cafe, visit an art gallery or a small shop.

In contrast with Town Hall Square in the Old Town of Tallinn, where our webcam is also located, the buildings, located on Freedom Square, have a mix of different architectural styles.

At the square in the online camera you can see the neo-Gothic yellow St. John church of 19th century. A little further there is the “War of Independence victory column”, dedicated to the Liberation War of 1918-1920. This is a 23-meter cross of 143 glass blocks. Next to the monument there are steps leading to Medieval castle of Toompea and Harjumäe Hill Park, as well as the ruins of the medieval Harju tower under glass demolished in the 19th century.

The buildings, which facade towards to the Freedom Square in our online broadcast, have exhibition halls, including the City Gallery of Modern Art.

You can find an abundance of historical information and scientific entertainment in the underground gallery of the square in our webcam, where the modern scientific interactive center “Ahhaa” is located. There are historical information in the showcases of the center.

As you can clearly see in the live camera, in the online cameras background you can see old roofs and towers of Old Town.

There are a large number of city events constantly taking place at the Freedom Squqre in our web camera. People like to come here on New Year’s Eve and celebrate New Year.

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