Tallinn Old Town – View from Hotel Telegraaf Rooftop

Tallinn , Estonia

Tallinn is visited by tourists from all over the world, who travel to admire the beauty of the best preserved medieval city in Northern Europe. The old town of Tallinn is filled with medieval architecture, Gothic churches – all connected with winding cobblestone streets.

In the past, Tallinn was a central hub and home to wealthy merchants from Germany, Denmark and the rest of Europe. Now, it is enjoyed by locals and visitors alike, with many historical sightings, bars and restaurants making this historical city as lively as ever.

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After spending a day in this town, you start to realize the reason why the place is so famous among people craving for an authentic medieval atmosphere.

Tallinn is one of the only cities in Europe that managed to keep its’ medieval and Hanseatic structures. The town is filled with houses which date back to the Middle ages. those include merchant houses, churches, workshops and barns.


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