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Tallinn , Estonia
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Tallinn you see online, is visited by tourists from all over the world, who travel to admire the beauty of the best preserved medieval city in Northern Europe. The old town of Tallinn. showed in webcam, is filled with medieval architecture, Gothic churches – all connected with winding cobblestone streets.

In the past, Tallinn, where there is live broadcast comes from, was a central hub and home to wealthy merchants from Germany, Denmark and the rest of Europe. Now, it is enjoyed by locals and visitors alike, with many historical sightings, bars and restaurants making this historical city as lively as ever.

After spending a day in this town in live camera, you start to realize the reason why the place is so famous among people craving for an authentic medieval atmosphere.

Tallinn online, is one of the only cities in Europe that managed to keep its’ medieval and Hanseatic structures. The town is filled with houses which date back to the Middle ages. those include merchant houses, churches, workshops and barns.

Tallinn, where the live broadcast is coming from, is a rather miniature city with a very rich history and a large number of cultural attractions. It is located on the southern coast of the Gulf of Finland.

Old Tallinn, which you see online, is very popular among tourists. This is a real corner of the Middle Ages, located next to modern high-rise buildings and shopping centers.

The most interesting place for guests of Tallinn in this online camera is its center, Kesklinn. On its territory, not far from the port, is located the mentioned above Old Town. The cobbled streets of the medieval city immediately open behind the Great Coastal Gate (Lauluväljaku Sea Gate). There are also interesting sights behind the fortress wall: the Catherine Palace, Kadriorg Park, theaters and museums. The largest lake in Tallinn, Ülemiste, is located on the southern side of the district.

The largest zoo in the country is located in the western part of Tallinn, where the live broadcast takes place, in the Haabersti district. Another important attraction of the capital of Estonia in this online camera is the Estonian Ethnographic Open Air Museum, a real old village with windmills and wooden buildings dating back to different eras.

In the north-east of the city in the webcam, there is the Pirita area, known for the preserved ruins of the ancient monastery of Pirita Convent Ruins (St.Bridget’s Convent)  and the buildings of the USSR era – the TV tower and the Olympic sailing center. Pirita is also home to one of the most popular beaches in Tallinn, which you can watch online on the Baltic Live Cam website.

It is the mesmerizing medieval atmosphere that reigns in the Old Town of Tallinn with the web camera that attracts tourists from all over the world. Guests arriving here by ferries, usually begin their acquaintance with the city online from the Great Coastal Gate and the Fat Margaret Tower.

At the entrance to the Old Town, where this live broadcast is being conducted from, a large map with the main attractions is installed.

The very center of the Old Town is the Tallinn Town Hall Square with the the monumental building of the Gothic Town Hall. The top of the main tower is decorated with the symbol of the city – Old Toomas (Vana Toomas). It is most convenient to look at Old Tallinn, shown in a webcam, from the Patkuli observation deck on one of the slopes of the Toompea hill.

It is better to buy unique souvenirs in Katarina Lane. Small trade shops are located in medieval buildings, the interior decoration of which has practically not changed over the centuries.

Traveling around Tallinn in this online camera, it is worth visiting Toompea Castle, with its main attraction – the Tall Hermann Tower (Pikk Hermann). Today the Parliament sits in this building.

The churches and cathedrals of the Old Town erected in different centuries and in different styles are of great interest to tourists. Among them stand out: the highest in Medieval Europe, the Gothic St. Olav’s Church and the Dome Cathedral, which stores the remains of the famous traveler I.F.Kruzenshtern.

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