Narva-Jõesuu , Estonia

The Baltic region is rich with its resort cities: Jurmala, Parnu, Palanga. This list can be enlarged by adding Narva-Joesuu, probably the most northern resort in the Baltics. Popular for summer cottages and SPA-centers, Narva-Joesuu has been a remarkable destination for Estonian citizens and Russian guests: just like in Jurmala, the bathing complexes and kuurhaas (resort halls) were built here since the 19th century.

The origin of the town's current name is self-explanatory: it stands right at the mouth of Narva, which is the actual translation of the Narva-Joesuu – the Mouth of Narva. However, its former name, according to the legend, the city got from Russian Emperor Peter the Great, who asked the inhabitants for something to eat, but the locals were so poor that they had no food even for themselves, that’s why he exclaimed: “Hungerburg!”, which in German means “Hunger Town”.

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Narva-Joesuu can be considered to be one of the Baltic hidden gems, and rightfully so – it’s situated in one of the most distant corners of the region and, despite many modern hotels and recreation centers, is full of untouched nature and perfectly clean beaches. All of that makes the city an obligatory destination for the holiday in Estonia.