Concert Hall “Dzintari” – view from Pegasa Pils Boutique SPA & Resort Hotel

Jurmala , Latvia
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Concert hall “Dzintari”

The concert hall complex “Dzintari” that you can see in webcam, is well known in Latvia, Russia and other countries, because of the large number of different concerts and international festivals regularly taking place in the concert hall. This place is without a doubt on of the leading creators of cultural life in Latvia.

The famous concert hall complex showed in online camera, consists of two separate halls that can provide seating for more than 2500 people combined. The Small Hall that demonstrated in live broadcast too, also known as the closed hall, was finished in year 1936 and now carries the status of cultural monument. Since the very beginning, a large number of concerts and festivals have taken place in this hall that provides seating for more than 500 people. The Large Hall you see online, that provides seating for more than 2000 people, is an open type concert hall. Therefore concerts and festivals are taking place at the hall in live footage, only during the summer. The relatively short working season has not stopped this hall from gaining recognizability far beyond the borders of Latvia.

The Dzintari Concert Hall, shown online, is a complex that has gained popularity not only in Latvia, but also abroad. After all, it is in its halls that most of the summer concerts in the country are held.

The history of “Dzintari” in the web camera began in 1879. At the very beginning of its existence, it was conceived as a beach cinema.

Earlier, “Dzintari” in live broadcast had another name: “Concert Garden of the Kurhaus Edinburgh” and was filled mainly with light music. It hosted such performances as operetta, variety shows, circus performances and other musical styles. This lasted until 1910, when a symphony orchestra was invited from Germany to hold concerts, and famous artists from Russia.

The year 1911 brings the hall the first records of popularity: the Edinburgh Symphony Theatere, the Mariinsky Theatre and even the Warsaw Philharmonic, opera stars, perform on its stage. The heyday of concert hall in the online live camera ends in 1914, with the outbreak of the First World War.

So, since 1914 in Jūrmala, where the online broadcast is being conducted from, not a single concert has been held. The stage came to life only in 1920 with a concert by the Latvian National Opera Orchestra.

Since 1931, orchestras led by famous conductors have performed at “Dzintari” online.

The second time the hall in web camera was closed during the Second World War. The resumption of his work falls on 1959. At this time, “Dzintari” live on air becomes the most popular venue for concerts.

In the time of the USSR, it flourishes and gains fame as one of the most modern. Alla Pugacheva, Leonid Kogan, Laima Vaikule, Arkady Raikin and many others performed on its stage.

Location of the Concert Hall “Dzintari” online, is what adds something special to each of the events taking place at one of the two halls. Especially when concerts or festivals are taking place in the Large Hall, as the open construction allows for the fresh sea air to fill the hall.

Just like Jomas Street, the Dzintari Concert Hall, which you see in the online camera, can rightfully be considered a visiting card of Juūrmala. Due to its importance, it has become one of the most popular destinations in the city.

It is reasonable to say that Concert Hall “Dzintari” in webcam, could be the most well-known place in Jūrmala that is well recognized abroad.

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