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Jurmala , Latvia
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Jomas Street

Jomas Street in the webcam, is itself one of the most famous places in Jurmala, which makes “Cafe 53” online, even more special. It is a place to meet and get to know new people. A place, that allows one to enjoy a special atmosphere in the heart of the city.

Once visiting Jurmala, going for a walk on Jomas Street in the live camera, is something one should definitely do. It tells a lot about the city and its cultural heritage. While being closer to the residents of the city is a way to feel closer to everything that surrounds you.

In the online camera there is Jomas Street, the main pedestrian artery of Jūrmala, located in the Majori district. Jomas Street in live camera is the central street of the resort town and one of the oldest streets in the Riga seaside. At one end of the street in the online camera there is the Majori railway station, and in the end there is a local landmark – the Jūrmala globe. Nearby stands recently erected Temple of the Kazan Icon of the Mother of God. Dzintari station is located nearby.

Jomas Street, which you see online, appeared at the end of the 19th century. During its existence, it has undergone many transformations and changes.

In the 60s-70s of the 19th century, the division of land areas began for the first time. At the same time, the main streets in Majori began to emerge, including Jomas in the webcam. Around 1850, there was a dense wild forest near the modern streets of Jomas, Jūras and Lienes.

Jomas street in the online camera originated behind the square of Majori station at the site of the modern intersection of Lienes and Jomas streets. After 1936, changes in street names began. Rīgas Street was shortened, and Jomas Street was extended live to the Dubulti area bordering Majori. So the name Jomas exists to this day, without changing. Only in 1899, for a short time, it turned into Pushkin Street.

At the end of the 19th century, Jomas Street in Majori, where the online broadcast is conducted from, acquires the status of the busiest and noisiest street in Jūrmala. A pharmacy, a market and the first store begin to appear there. In 1870, the first hotel and garden in Majori was built at the corner of Jomas and Omnibus streets. It was the most important cultural center of the Riga seaside.

The appearance of Jomas street in the web camera, in particular its original appearance, has changed a lot after the fires and 2 world wars, which destroyed some of the oldest wooden buildings in the resort.

There is no traffic on Jomas street in the online camera, it is completely pedestrian.

Filled with sea air, Jomas Street, shown live, is a great place for walking along neat wooden houses, numerous summer cafes, hospitable and comfortable hotels, souvenir shops, ice cream and cotton candy stalls, cozy restaurants. In summer, on Jomas in the online camera it is very crowded, to the sea only 200 – 300 meters.

Near Jomas Street, there is the famous Dzintari Concert Hall, which hosts various concerts of both local and foreign performers every year.

At a short distance from Jomas street in this webcam there is a monument to the famous Latvian writers Janis Rainis and Aspazija. The curious vintage car museum is also nearby.

The Jūrmala People’s House is a historical building at 35 Jomas Street. In the past, it served as the Jūrmala cinema. On this site in 1870, the Horn hotel and concert hall appeared. Symphony orchestras from Prague, Berlin and Warsaw have performed there. And in 1896 the first cinema in Jūrmala was created in the hotel.

Every year in Jūrmala with the online stream there is the Jomas street festival  with concerts, performances, contests, and funny attractions.

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