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Saint Petersburg , Russia
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Saint Petersburg

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St. Petersburg

The PTZ online camera shows Northern and cultural capital of Russia, the great St. Petersburg and its most important sights: Nevsky Prospect, Alexandrinsky Theatre and Gostiny Dvor.

Nevsky Prospect

Nevsky Prospect on live stream web camera is the widest, longest (4,5 km) and the most important street of the St. Petersburg city, the fully completed in 1718. There is an interesting fact – the even side of the avenue is always sunny. This part is much more crowded and all people are smiling walking along it.

Nevsky Prospect, which you see on the camera online, was badly damaged during the bombing and shelling in the days of the siege of Leningrad, but fortunately, the historic buildings survived: the Heydenreich’s house, the Stroganovs palace, the Silver rows, the tower of the former City Duma building, the Gostiny Dvor, Anichkov Palace, Armenian Apostolic Church of St. Catherine.

The most famous building of 19-20 centuries – the house of Singer, caused a lot of controversy and criticism is located here. Mertens house and Eliseevsky store are located here – trades in various delicacies like in the tsarist years.

Three rivers are intersected by Nevsky Prospect online: Moika, the Griboedov Canal and the Fontanka, with the famous Anichkov Bridge and magnificent sculptures – “Horse Tamers”.

One of the largest shopping centers – Nevsky Center is located on Nevsky Prospect online too. Besides a huge number of cafes, restaurants, boutiques, here is the oldest cinema “Aurora”.

One of the most famous sights of St. Petersburg – the Kazan Cathedral (main Orthodox church) with live stream web cam is located on Nevsky Prospect too.

Alexandrinsky Theatre

This PTZ webcam also clearly shows the famous Alexandrinsky Theatre, the oldest in Russia, located in a beautiful building on Nevsky Prospect. The great theatre in a live broadcast got its name in honor of the wife of Emperor Nicholas IAlexandra Fedorovna.

This historical architectural monument of St. Petersburg is under the protection of UNESCO.

The building of the Alexandrinsky Theatre, which you see online, is located on an underground tributary of the Fontanka River, occupying a floating foundation of 5000 oak piles.

Nowadays, the Alexandrinsky Theatre, perfectly shown in a webcam, is officially called the Russian State Pushkin Academy Drama Theatre.

Among the employees of the theatre there are such famous directors as Vsevolod Meyerhold, Leonid Vivien, Grigory Kozintsev, Georgy Tovstonogov and Nikolay Akimov. Today the Alexandrinsky Theatre is under the direction of Valery Fokin.

The repertoire of the Alexandrinsky Theatre, clearly visible in a live HD camera, includes such famous performances as “”Uncle Vanya”, “Seagul”, “Marriage”, as well as great ballet productions: “Swan Lake” and “La Bayadere”.

Gostiny Dvor

The oldest trading company in St. Petersburg with the live camera, Gostiny Dvor, also falls into the lens of our online camera. This is a real architectural monument, under the protection and guard of the Russian Federation.

The building of the Gostiny Dvor, well shown in a live broadcast, covers the entire quarter, representing an irregular quadrangle, made by Nevsky Prospect, Sadovaya Street, Perinnaya Liniya and Lomonosov Street.

The main part of the Gostiny Dvor is looking at Nevsky Prospect, which is also visible in a live camera.

The first floor of the Gostiny Dvor online, is occupied by souvenir shops and tourist goods. Also here is the store of the famous Russian football team “Zenit”. The second floor of the building is occupied by shops with men’s and women’s clothing, as well as other shops.

In the Gostiny Dvor, which you can see online, there are more than 2 million goods in the halls, occupying more than 2 kilometers of area.

Gostiny Dvor in St. Petersburg, where the live broadcast comes from, is not only a historically important shopping center, but also a popular meeting and social place. Also there are various entertainment events are held

Must do in St. Petersburg:

1. Rise up to the colonnade of St. Isaac’s Cathedral and admire the city.
2. Visit the Hermitage museum.
3. Visit the opera at the Mariinsky Theatre.
4. Admire how is breeding the Palace Bridge.
5. Throw a coin to the bronze Chizhyk-Pyzhik on the Fontanka.
6. White Night city walk.

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The climate in St. Petersburg online, is moderate. Few sunny days during all the year. Summer in St. Petersburg is not very hot due to the sea climate and the Baltic winds. Winter in St. Petersburg is rather dank with a gusty wet wind. The Weather is very changeable here – in the summer a cold wind can appear suddenly, and in winter it can quickly be filled with snow or vice versa – it can be sharply warmed. Weather forecast for St. Petersburg for 7 days is available on our website online.