Moscow panoramic view

Moscow , Russia
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Moscow panoramic view

There is the capital of Russia, the city of Moscow in a panoramic PTZ webcam. Our live stream gives you the opportunity to see Danilovskaya and Paveletskaya Embankments, Moscow City (Moskva-City) skyscrapers, and of course, the great Moskva River.

Moscow City

The Moscow International Business Center (Moskva-City), well shown online, is the latest modern architectural complex of glass and concrete skyscrapers high from 27 to 96 floors. Moscow City, which you see in a webcam, is located in the center of Moscow, on Krasnopresnenskaya embankment, relatively close to the Kremlin.

The Moscow City business center online, with 16 towers, is a popular place for offices, shopping, entertainment, exhibitions and excursions. Also, there are many viewing platforms with excellent views of the city from: “Federation Tower”, “Empire Tower”, and restaurant “Sixty”.

The largest shopping center in Moskva City, well shown in the online live HD camera, is “Afimall City” with a large number of stores of Russian and international brands, restaurants, SPA, galleries.

In the center of the complex there is the highest internal fountain in Europe with a jet height of 36 m.

On the top floors of some Moscow-City complex buildings in live camera there are apartments, where you can get with a high-speed elevator.

Moscow City in the live stream, looks especially beautiful in the dark, when the complex is beautifully lit.

The first thing that was built in an ultramodern business quarter is the Bagration Bridge, a glass gallery with a long shopping row. The lobby is adorned with the “Tree of Life” monument, made by Ernst Neizvestny. The bridge often serves as a platform for unique expositions and various events.

Moskva River

In live webcam, you can also perfectly see the main river of the capital of Russia – the Moskva River. The river originates in the Starkovsky swamp on the Smolensk-Moscow Upland. At a distance of 16 km from the source, the Moskva River in the web camera, flows through Lake Mikhalevsky in the Smolensk Region, flowing out of there. The total length of the Moskva River is 502 km, the basin area is -17,600 sq. km. The Moskva River is the left tributary of the Oka River that flows into it on the territory of Kolomna.

The rivers inflowing the Moskva River in  online camera are: Yauza, Gnilusha, Zhuzha, Gorodnya.

For many centuries, the Moskva River, which is perfectly shown online, played an important role in the transport line connecting Moscow with Novgorod and Smolensk.

Moskva River in online footage, many times was getting off the coast. Then, in 1783 there was built a drainage canal. So, there was appeared the island of Balchug.

The canal runs from the Bolshoy Kamenny Bridge to the Moskva River near Shlyuzovaya Embankment.

About 70 inflows flow into the Moskva River, which is perfectly shown in live broadcast camera. The narrowest part of the river is opposite the Kremlin and is 120 meters. The widest one is located in the Luzhniki Stadium.

More than 20 bridges, including pedestrian bridges, are thrown across the Moskva River.

The banks of Moskva River in online live camera are occupied by the great monasteries: Andreevsky, Bobrenev, Danilov, Luzhetsky, Nikolo-Perervinsky, Nikolo-Ugreshsky, Novodevichy, Novo- Solovetskaya Marchugovskaya Pustinj, Novospassky, Savvino-Storozhevsky, Cathedral of Christ the Savior.

During the summer it’s nice to travel on a river tram along the Moskva River online.

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