Novorossiysk Bay

Novorossiysk , Russia
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Novorossiysk bay

Live broadcast shows a magnificent panorama of the sea coast of Novorossiysk, a port city in southern Russia. The webcam is located in the area of ​​the Novorossiysk harbor in the Tsemesskaya Bay, located on the northern coast of the Black Sea. You can see online the Marine Station and the museum ship cruiser “Mikhail Kutuzov” (a light military cruiser of the 1950s).

Also, the live stream shows the embankment of Admiral Serebryakov, where in the center there is a tall sculpture – the stele “Sea Glory of Russia” depicting an angel holding a ship.

The foreground of the webcam shows a section of the seaside road – Mira Street, as well as a beautiful embankment along which there are numerous sculptures, gardens, marina and magnificent views of the bay.


Novorossiysk, where the online feed comes from, is a large port city of Russia, in the southwestern part of the Krasnodar Territory near the Black Sea.

Novorossiysk in the web camera, is not only a port, but also a comfortable city with a large number of attractive places.

Besides the beautiful embankment, which is visible in the webcam, the popular walking areas of the city are: Tsemesskaya Grove, Pionerskaya Grove, Historical Square, Chernyakhovsky Square, Frunze Park, Lenin Park and Rybnev Square.

In the vicinity of Novorossiysk online, there are natural attractions of the city: dolmens on Mount Seregai, Shirokaya Balka, mountain lake Abrau and Lake Limanchik, the village of Myskhako.

Fans of beach recreation will love the Novogirskaya Shchel, as well as the beaches of Tsemesskaya Bay, Sudzhuk Spit, Aleksino and Dyurso villages.

For children in Novorossiysk with a live camera on the Baltic Live Cam website, there is an excellent water park in the park named after FrunzeGagarin Planetarium, and the cruiser Mikhail Kutuzov, which you see online.

Fans of cultural pastime will like the N. Ostrovsky House-Museum, Historical Museum-Reserve, Malaya Zemlya Museum Complex.

Walking around Novorossiysk with this online camera, take a picture at the sculpture- fountain “Giving water” – the city’s main attraction.


The climate in Novorossiysk online, is Mediterranean. In summer, the average air temperature is + 30C, and the water temperature is about + 26C. In winter, strong winds prevail here. The temperature during this period is about 0 … + 3C, but when winds appear, sometimes it drops to -10C …- 15C. Weather forecast in Novorossiysk for 7 days is available on our website online.

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