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Novotroitsk , Russia
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This webcam shows the main street of the city of Novotroitsk, located in the Orenburg region of Russia, on the right bank of the Ural River. Novotroitsk in an online camera, is located at the junction of Europe and Asia and borders with Kazakhstan.

The city that you see in live broadcast appeared thanks to geologists who discovered a large deposit of brown iron ore.

Especially rapidly Novotroitsk, where the online stream is coming from, developed before the Great Patriotic War, and by the beginning of 1945 almost 17 thousand people lived there. In April of the same year, Novotroitsk officially received city status, and a little later the glory of the city of metallurgists.

The municipality of Novotroitsk in the web camera, includes the following settlements: Akkermanovka, Novorudny, Novonikolsk, junction No213, Guberlya, Prigornoye, Kryk-Pshak, Khabarnoye, Staraya Akkermanovka.

In Novotroitsk, whose street is shown online, are located such large industrial enterprises as: OJSC Ural Steel, UralMetKom, LLC YuGPK, OJSC Cement Plant, OJSC Novotroitsk Plant of Chromium Compounds.

The city of Novotroitsk, where the webcam is located, is proud of such natural resources as: river, birch groves within the city limits and the Ural Mountains.

In recent years, the settlement in live camera, has been rapidly developing. So the Ice Palace was built for the 70th anniversary. The Youth Alley with lilac plantations is very popular. It is a favorite place for walks and rest of the townspeople. On the territory of the alley there is an illuminated fountain, a modern sports ground, a hockey court, an open-air gym, a children’s playground with attractions and art objects “Tree of Love” and “Horseshoe of Happiness”.

The main street of Novotroitsk, which you can see online, is Sovetskaya Street, stretching for seven kilometers.

A striking landmark of the city in the webcam is the “Forever Alive” monument, located on Lenin Square in the center of a green park. The flame of the Eternal Flame burns here in honor of those who died for the Motherland.

Novotroitsk, the center of which is visible in real time, is the metallurgical center of the Orenburg region, the industrial center of its eastern part. The city organically combines landscapes of feather grass steppe, Ural Mountains and cultural monuments.

The Ural land, rich in minerals, is full of unique minerals, which are presented in the Novotroitsk Museum of Local Lore.

The most interesting and popular sights of Novotroitsk

  • Monument to soldiers-internationalists
  • Monument “Forever Alive”
  • Monument to geologist Joseph Rudnitsky
  • Monument to the first builders of Novotroitsk
  • Monument to Philip Podzorov
  • Peter and Paul Cathedral
  • Palace of culture of metallurgists
  • Museum of History and Local Lore


Novotroitsk online, is located in a sharply continental climatic zone. The weather conditions in Novotroitsk, where the live broadcast is conducted from, are characterized by cold winters with temperatures up to -38 C and hot, dry summers with temperatures up to + 40 C.

Weather forecast in Novotroitsk for 7 days is available on our website online.

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