Kondopoga Ice Palace

Kondopoga , Russia
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View of the Kondopoga Ice Palace

In this online camera on the left you can see a large building with mirrored glasses – this is the Ice Sports Palace in the city of Kondopoga. It appeared in December 2001.

The structure of the Ice Palace in live broadcast consists of two blocks: the first is intended for the ice field and stands, the second – 2 unique sports halls.

From the very beginning of the Ice Palace, shown in the webcam, many different events have been held in it: figure skating tournaments, ice hockey, regional and international tournaments, ice performances and shows, concerts of pop stars. There is an opportunity to go ice skating during a special free skating time.

The area of ​​the Ice Palace, where the online camera is directed to, is complemented by a complex of fountain-umbrellas and carillons – Dutch decorative bells playing a melody every hour.

The Ice Palace in real time is one of the important attractions of Karelia along with Kizhi, Valaam, Kivach Falls and the Marcial Waters resort.


The city of Kondopoga, where the live stream comes from, is located in the south of Karelia, 55 kilometers north of the capital of the republic, Petrozavodsk, on the picturesque shore of the Kondopoga Bay of Lake Onega. In 1937, Kondopoga received the status of a city.

Two central streets in the town online, are clean and well-groomed, all buildings are well painted, and crossroads are equipped with lanterns. Kondopoga has its own Arbat – a small pedestrian street with new brick houses.

Among the sights of the city, attention is paid to the Palace of Arts, which houses the organ of the German company “Rudolf von Beckerat” and, of course, the Ice Palace in the live camera.

It is interesting to visit the Museum of the Kondopoga region, opened in 1984. It contains a collection of archaeological excavations, samples of Belogorodsky marble, samples of Karelian life, photographs and documents from the history of the city in webcam, and the region, objects and documents from the Second World War and a collection of paintings and graphics of Karelian masters.

Among the religious monuments, it is worth mentioning the wooden tent-roofed Assumption Church of 1774. The last restorations in the temple took place in 1927 and 1950s. The church stands in the historical part of the city, in the former village of Kondopoga online, on the shore of the Kondopoga Bay of Lake Onega. The Assumption Church is a monument of Zaonezhskaya wooden architecture and a branch of the Kondopoga City Museum of Local Lore.

In Kondopoga, whose Ice Palace you see online, there is an interesting decorative composition with a clock and bell chime – Carillon with 18 bells, performing up to several dozen melodies.

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