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Pskov , Russia
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Pskov Krom

This interesting live broadcast shows the most popular and important attraction of the city of Pskov – Pskov Kremlin or Krom, located in the historical center near the beautiful embankment of the Pskova River, which also is seen in webcam.

Near the Pskov Krom online, there are theaters, museums, exhibition and concert halls, shops, clubs, bars, restaurants, cinemas, as well as the main attractions of the city, for example, the Olginsky Chapel.

Pskov Krom, well shown in the live camera, is the largest fortress in Europe. In the 14th- 16th centuries, the Kremlin, together with the Vechevaya square, cathedral and crates served as the religious and administrative center of the Pskov land. The length of the Kremlin in the webcam, walls are 9 kilometers. The area of Krom occupies 3 hectares.

Pskov Krom online is located on a narrow cape at the fall of Pskova River and Velikaya River.

Nowadays, the territory of the Pskov Kremlin, which is perfectly visible online, consists of two parts, built at different times: the central and oldest part of the old Russian city with the Trinity Cathedral, bell tower, Vechevaya square and Dovmontov city. The dignity of Russian art of the 17th century is the Trinity Cathedral seven-tier iconostasis.

The most revered shrines of the temple in the live camera, stored here are: miraculous icons, ark with the relics of Pskov saints and Holguin cross.

As you can see in the online camera, the territory of Krom is surrounded by light stone fortified walls with walkways covered with a wooden roof 6-8 m high and 2.5 – 6 m thick.

In the 13th century Pskov, where the live broadcast comes from, was the outskirts of Russian lands.

The reconstruction and improvement of the Pskov Krom walls in webcam took place constantly, up to the 17th century. Powerful fortification gave the Pskov Kremlin in the live stream, the status of one of the most powerful fortresses in medieval Europe. Over its long history, the Pskov Krom, the view of which online camera shows perfectly, has withstood 26 sieges. The beautiful fortress, which has been used as a military facility for 1000 years, has survived to this day in perfect condition.

It is worth to be mentioned another important attraction of the glorious city of Pskov, part of which shows live camera – the Olginsky Chapel. The famous religious building was erected in honor of Grand Duchess Olga, who ordered the construction of the Trinity Cathedral and Pleskov grad – the future city of Pskov in the web camera. The place where she saw a magical sign was immortalized with a memorial cross, where the Olginsky Chapel was built later.

Unfortunately, the chapel was destroyed in 1960. Later, the demolished Pskov shrine was restored in 2000.

The Olginsky chapel appeared on an artificially created site near the embankment of the Pskova River opposite the Pskov Kremlin, which is clearly visible online. The architectural style of the chapel resembles the Cathedral of St. John the Baptist of Pskov style. The composition is based on an equilateral cross, rounded facades and a light drum crowned with a head in the form of a helmet: a real church of 10-11 centuries.

The Olginsky Chapel has a viewing platform directed to the river in live broadcast. On both sides of the chapel there are two staircases leading to a niche with the source of holy water.

The chapel belongs to the Orthodox Church of the Assumption at the Ferry.

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