Victory Square

Pskov , Russia
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Victory Square

The  live camera in Pskov shows one of the most important squares in the city – Victory Square online, located at the intersection of Sovetskaya, Yan Fabrizius, Kuznetskaya and Sverdlov Streets in the city center. The square, clearly visible in  webcam, appeared in 1959 – 1962. But it got its modern name in 1965 in honor of the end of World War II.


Pskov, where the online stream is conducted from, is an ancient Russian city, a real monument of ancient Russian architecture with a 2000-year history.

Due to the large number of old fortresses, cathedrals, architectural ensembles, Pskov online, has gained worldwide popularity. On this land were born such famous people as the holy Equal-to-the-Apostles Princess Olga and her grandson, the baptizer of Russia, Prince Vladimir.

The heart of Pskov is the impregnable ancient Pskov Kremlin, from where the live broadcast is also taking place.

In the city particularly famous is one of the largest Orthodox monasteries with a cave complex – the Holy Dormition Pskovo-Pechersky Monastery. The Izborsk Fortress also attracts tourist. There are walls with a picturesque view of the valley and Zheravye Lake.

In one hour drive from Pskov in the webcam, there is the Museum-Reserve of A.S. Pushkin: the residence and burial place of the great Russian poet A.S. Pushkin.

Pskov, whose Victory Square you can see online, is divided into 4 districts: Center with the Pskov Kremlin and the territory around it; north – Zapskovye, located beyond the Pskova River; west – Zavelichye, stretching across the Velikaya River, south and southeast – Zavokzalye.

Tourists, of course, are interested in the Central Pskov district, full of architectural, memorial and historical monuments.

In the Zapskovye area there are Trubinsky chambers, Gremyachaya tower, clergy house, Church of the Epiphany with the belfry, the church of Constantine and Helen, the church of Ilya the Wet from the meadow. The Zavelichye is rich in churches of the 12-18 centuries and monasteries – Spaso-Mirozhsky and Convent of Nativity of Saint John the Baptist (Ivanovsky Monastery).

The valleys of the Velikaya and Pskova rivers with historical parks and squares are under the state protection as natural elements of the city ensemble.
The main attractions of Pskov are: the Pskov fortress with the Pskov Kremlin or Krom, where online stream is also conducted, monuments of Dovmontov city, Order chambers, Vlasyevskaya tower with a viewing platform.

One of the leaders in the historical buildings list is Trinity Cathedral. It is also interesting to visit the Mirozhsky Monastery with the Transfiguration Cathedral in Zavelichye with the ancient frescoes.

The Pogankina Chamber Preserve Museum stores an amazing rare collection of ancient icons, unique weapons and medieval silver.

The Gremyachaya tower located on the right bank of the Pskova River is a real mystical place of the city.

Visit the museums of Pskov in the live camera: “Two Captains” and the Railway Museum.

One of the pearls of Pskov, whose square you see in the online camera, is the 13th century Snetogorsky Monastery, built in the name of Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary, located at the top of the Snyatnaya (Holy) Mountain. The architectural ensemble of the monastery includes the Cathedral of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary and the Church of Saint Nicholas the Wonderworker. Also on its territory there are ruins of the “Snetogorsk candle” (“Snetogorsky pillar”) – the bell tower with the Ascension Church.


The climate in Pskov online, is temperate, the weather is changeable. It’s warm in summer and cool in winter. Severe frosts are rare phenomenon. A large amount of rainfall occurs in late autumn. The best time to travel to Pskov is from May to September, as well as during Christmas and New Year.
Weather forecast in Pskov for 7 days is available on our website online.


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