Narva , Estonia
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The place that you see is not only one of the biggest cities in Estonia but also one of the most important historical centers in the state and the whole Europe. Having had a strategic significance because of its location, this city has been a field of battle, an object of peace treaties and also had a critical relevance during numerous military conflicts. Despite that the times of medieval battles have long past, it still stands on the periphery of Russia and Europe, which attracts a handful of visitors from all over the globe.

Narva has always been a landmark due to its rich historical legacy. As a town on the border of two countries, it has been a primary battlefield for Russians and anyone who took control over it – Denmark, Livonian order, Sweden or Germany (if only Russian forces didn’t conquer the town themselves). It, along with the twin town of Ivangorod at the opposite side of the border, have been under the control of the total of six different countries throughout history.

Although what is now a third largest city in Lithuania, was mostly an important strategic military location, it also played a huge role in the economic and infrastructural development of the region. Obviously, being situated on the very border with Russia, it provided a great opportunity for trade, but it also was the first Estonian town through which the railroad was built, ultimately connecting Tallinn and St.Petersburg. In Soviet times, this city was a leading industrial city in Estonia – almost half of the population was involved in a certain industrial field.

The most interesting thing about this place is located right at the border with Russia, where the famous Narva Fortress stands, also known as the Hermann Castle. It has been built by the Danes in 1329 and has been the primary defensive construction for anyone in possession of the castle. The fortress and its central tower, called the Long Hermann, is the main landmark not only of the city it’s in, but of the whole region and is now a popular city museum. The castle, undoubtedly, attracts a big amount of tourists, but upon the arrival to it, tourists can also observe the Ivangorod Castle that is located on the other side of the river Narva – in Russia.

Apart from the historical wonders that are the two castles, the most interesting sight is in the very center – the Central Square of the city (also called the Peter Square) and the famous among the city citizens house with the water tower on top are definitely the ones you would need to see while visiting Narva or, at least, watch it on the webcam stream above.

It’s not surprising that such a location, the transportation importance and, of course, rich historical legacy will attract a large amount of people from other parts of Estonia and from all over the world.

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