Pärnu , Estonia
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Situated on the coast of the webcam Parnu Bay, the resort town of Parnu will win any visitor’s heart with its coziness and beauty. It’s no wonder that it is often compared to its twin town Jurmala – there also a variety of different SPA-centers, an analog to the Jomas street – Ruutli Street and a remarkable beach. These are the primary reasons it is mostly known as “the summer capital of Estonia” you can see online.

Just like in the many Baltic cities, the most interesting places are located in the historical part of the city in the webcam. You can access it through the Tallinn Gate – former part of the defensive facilities of the Swedish army. Upon entering the Old City and taking a walk through the Ruutli street that is fully packed with tourists, it’s easy to stumble upon some of the city sites, for example, the City Hall, built in the neoclassical style and that perfectly fits in the whole cities’ architectural ensemble.

Needless to say, the historical legacy of the city in the live broadcast, much like the most cities of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, is extremely prominent and has left its mark on the current state of the city and the whole region. First and foremost, the town on web camera, was a major checkpoint on the most prominent trade routes of the region and was a member of Hanseatic union, an all-European medieval trade union, along with Riga and Tallinn. Secondly, it was one of the very first places in the Baltic states to feature beaches – back then it was just a handful of bathing facilities situated on a coastline, but this is the cornerstone in creating fantastic public beaches all of us know and love today.

All these sites, as well as the overall atmosphere and various holiday possibilities make Pärnu in live camera, one of the obligatory destinations while travelling in Estonia and the Baltic states.

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