View from “Cafe 53” to the Jomas street

Jurmala , Latvia
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Jomas Street

Jomas Street online in Jurmala has been well-known for many reasons and one of them is the large number of great cafes and restaurants, that are located here. One of the most popular among all of them is “Cafe 53” you see in web camera. A place that offers something for everyone.

Because of the location of the cafe in live camera, it is known to be a famous meeting place, with persistent, lively atmosphere surrounding it. When going for a walk on Jomas Street in the live broadcast, a visit of “Cafe 53” online, has become to be a popular thing to do.

The webcam on Jomas Street shows one of the most popular and oldest streets in Jūrmala (19th century), so beloved by local residents and guests of the resort. Jomas in the webcam is the main pedestrian artery filled with numerous cafes, restaurants, shops.

The length of the famous Jūrmala street, where the live broadcast is coming from, is 1.1 km. It runs from Dzintari station to Majori – the most popular summer vacation spots. To be more precise, it begins at the building of the Jūrmala City Council and ends at a T-shaped intersection with Turaidas Street at the Dzintari Concert Hall.

The most striking event awaiting the townspeople and tourists is the Jomas Street Festival, traditionally held in the middle of summer, when for several days vacationers have the opportunity to attend various concerts, theatrical performances, a festive market, creative workshops, a festive procession and sports events.

In parallel with Jomas in the online camera, there is another equally remarkable street in Jūrmala – Jūras, located almost at the dunes. There are houses of almost all architectural styles typical for Jūrmala.

On Jomas Street, shown online, in a small park, there is a monument to Latvian writers Rainis and Aspazija. At the address Jomas, 35 there is a historical building – the people’s house of Jūrmala (previously – the cinema “Jūrmala”).


Majori, where the online broadcast comes from, is the central part of the Riga seaside. Until the beginning of the 19th century, the Majori estate did not even exist. Over time, interest in the Riga seaside began to grow and in 1870 territories were allocated for the construction of summer cottages. Houses began to appear, spanning the dunes and the coast.

In 1877, when the railway opened, Majori began active development and became a lively shopping and entertainment center. On the main street Majori – Jomas in the webcam, the Horn concert garden appeared, and in 2014 a monument to Rainis and Aspazija was erected.


Dzintari is another popular area that captures Jomas Street live. This is one of the most prestigious residences in Latvia, built up with villas.

It is known that since the 17th century on the site of Dzintari there was a fishing village Avoti.

In 1874, Dzintari became known as Edinburgh. At that time it was the most aristocratic part of the seaside with luxurious mansions.

In 1922, Edinburgh was renamed Dzintari, where it broadcasts a web camera. In the first years of the existence of the Republic of Latvia, typical family houses appeared, in which the classical forms and details of the architecture of national romanticism so beloved by Jūrmala were used.

After the end of World War II, construction of large sanatoriums and rest houses began in Dzintari. The current Dzintari railway station was opened in 1980.

The most important attraction of Dzintari is the concert hall, which appeared in 1936.

There is an amusement park “Dzintaru mežapark” – a great place for both active recreation lovers and those who prefer a leisurely walk in the invigorating air of a pine forest.

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