Tallinn Bay Panorama – view from Pirita beach

Tallinn , Estonia
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Tallinn Bay and Pirita Beach

The beach of Pirita you see in the webcam, is a popular beach located close to the center of Tallinn, attracting both tourists and local alike all throughout summer. It is also the biggest beach in the city with the live camera, located in the suburb of the same name. The beach online, is full of facilities, such as changing cabins, lockers, playgrounds for children and areas for ball gamers to keep the visitors of the beach busy and entertained.

Tallinn Bay

Tallinn Bay, which washes the Pirita Beach online, is part of the Gulf of Finland and is located between the Suurupi and Viimsi peninsulas, as well as the islands of Naissaar and Aegna. On the southern shore of the bay there is the capital of Estonia – Tallinn, where the online broadcast is conducted from.

The area of ​​the bay, shown in the webcam, is 250 km2, the maximum depth is 90 meters. Tallinn Bay, which live camera is aimed at, is one of the deepest bays in Estonia.

The aforementioned peninsulas divide Tallinn Bay in this live stream into three parts: Kakumäe Bay, Kopli Bay, Paljassaare Bay and Tallinn Road.

The coastal area of ​​the reservoir shown online is mostly gentle, with rocky cliffs found in Ranamõisa, Kakumäe, on the Kopli peninsula and on the island of Naissaar.

The largest sandy beaches are located in Kakumäe, Pelguranna and Pirita, where this live feed takes place from. Rocky beach areas are located between Rannamõisa and Tiskre, in Kakumäe and Rocca al Mare, between Paljassaare and Kopli, in Kadriorg, Merivälja and on the island of Aegna.

The sea near the coast, shown in the web camera, has a shallow depth, the bottom is mostly rocky. In the bay of Tallinn, perfectly visible in the online camera, there are several shoals: to the east of Naissaar Island is the Naissaare Shoal, to the east of this shoal there is the Keskmadal shoal with a depth of 7.4 meters, to the north-west of Paljassaare there is the Vahemadal shoal with a depth of 3.8 meters.


Pirita, whose beach you see online, is a popular area with a great beach and a yacht marina that can be captured by a webcam.

The beautiful territory in this online live camera is filled with healing pine air, despite the fact that it is located near the center of Tallinn.

The coastline of Pirita, which you can see in the live broadcast, was an excellent place for walking and beach recreation, formed at the beginning of the 20th century. To enjoy all the delights of rest in Pirita, we advise you to cross the road from the beach in the online camera to the mouth of the Pirita River: here you can rent a rowboat, canoe or pedal boat.

Fans of historical monuments in Pirita, where this web camera is located, will love the ruins of a 15th century monastery, where the major Birgitta festival is held in August.

You can have a snack in Pirita in pubs and restaurants, located on the shore overlooking the bay.

A little further from the sea there is the Tallinn TV Tower with the highest observation deck in the country. You can combine its visit with a tour of the Botanical Garden, located nearby.

The entire Pirita area, broadcasted in an online camera, is a great place for walking and doing sports, both on the beach in a webcam, and on the promenade, in an adventure park or on a health trail.

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